10 Beach Getaways Near Singapore You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Beach Getaways Near Singapore You Probably Didn’t Know About

Forget Bali and Phuket, and check out some of the little-known beach destinations near Singapore!

Palm trees swaying gently in the sea breeze, and waves lapping gently at the sandy shore. You are at the beach, enjoying the sun and the sea…

Is this your idea of paradise? Then check out this list of underrated beach getaways from Singapore! Yup, forget Bali or Phuket, and consider these destinations that your friends don’t know about… yet. 

1. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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Still largely undeveloped, Phu Quoc is somewhat like Phuket years ago before mass tourism sets foot. Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island, with a land area about the size of Singapore. Though one can already see the beginnings of major development efforts, most of the island is still largely untouched.

One of the most popular beaches in Phu Quoc is Long Beach, which stretches nearly 20 kilometres. Swim amongst the fishes, kayak in its bays, dive the reefs – Phu Quoc is the perfect place for you to get away from the city life!

2. Nha Trang, Vietnam

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Also in Vietnam and also a direct flight away from Singapore with Jetstar, Nha Trang is a large coastal city that is popular especially with Russian tourists. On top of boasting scenic beaches, there are also island-hopping tours and a plethora of water activities to pick from.

Quite the opposite of Phu Quoc, Nha Trang is quite commercialised, though it is largely unheard of by Singaporean travellers. The upside: international cuisines are available, the shopping is fantastic and you’ll never run out of things to do in Nha Trang!

3. Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

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The Perhentian Islands, located off the coast of northeast Malaysia, is a tropical paradise that boasts crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. It consists of the larger Perhentian Besar island and the smaller Perhentian Kecil island. The latter is more popular amongst backpackers and the former with those who prefer a quieter, more relaxed ambience. Who says Malaysia doesn’t have nice beaches?

4. Koh Samui, Thailand

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Many travellers from Singapore often choose between Krabi and Phuket for a beach holiday in Thailand. They’re forgetting Koh Samui, an incredible beach paradise that boasts astounding natural beauty, great shopping and amazing Thai food. This island is pretty large, so you can stay in different parts of the island during each visit to explore something new. If you’re not convinced, check out the 10 reasons why Koh Samui should be your next Thailand destination.

5. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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Kota Kinabalu is not just a place for trekkers; it is also a place for beach-lovers. Just off the coastline from Kota Kinabalu is an array of picturesque islands. Go island-hopping in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, which comprises five gorgeous islands easily accessible from the city. Snorkelling and diving are popular on some of the islands, such as Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik.

Wildlife lovers can pop over to Mantanani Beach, where they can spot dugongs. Set against the backdrop of Mount Kinabalu, its waters teem with life and colourful corals. For a beach holiday, stay in a beach house in Tempurung Beach, where you can enjoy the view of coconut trees along the shoreline.

6. Cebu, Philippines

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Many travellers looking for a beach getaway in the Philippines head straight to Boracay, but the Philippines offers so much more than that! Why not get off the beaten track? Compared to Boracay, Cebu and the gorgeous islands around it are still relatively unexplored.

These are some of the islands you can consider:

a. Malapascua Island

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Divers and snorkellers can try their luck at sighting thresher sharks on Malapascua Island. Get up real close and personal with them in the early morning, and then head for an island-hopping tour in the afternoon! If you bring seafood up the boat, the crew will even barbecue them for you!

b. Bantayan Island

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And how about Bantayan Island? Still untouched by mass tourism, its beaches are pristine and oh-so-breathtaking. Plus, since there are hardly any tourists there, it would be just like having the whole beach to yourself – for free. Here, you can sleep early and wake up to enjoy the sunrise as the pace of life is pretty laid-back, and there is almost no nightlife.

c. Mactan Island

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This is a long shot, but anyone who would like to pamper himself/herself should head straight for Mactan Island. You’ll be able to find the finest 5-star luxury resorts in the Philippines here. Not only do they have those spas you deserve, they’ve got exciting water activities such as jet skiing, parasailing and scuba diving, as well as great nightlife. So you can relax and recharge during the day with a cocktail in hand by the beach, then go out to party!

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7. Langkawi, Malaysia

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Sure, Langkawi might not sound like a glamorous holiday destination, but it actually has quite a number of pretty beaches, such as Tanjung Rhu Beach. Nicknamed the “Legendary Island” because of the myths associated with its geological formation, Langkawi Island is the largest of 99 islands of the Langkawi archipelago.

If you manage to peel yourself from the glorious beaches, activities such as jungle treks, birdwatching, diving, snorkelling, sailing and more await you. In the evenings, be sure to explore the night markets and try out some local cuisine that are native to the island.

8. Da Nang, Vietnam

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Da Nang, located on the central coast of Vietnam, is a paradise for beach lovers. It offers a great base for travellers to enjoy the city sights and enjoy amazing beaches at the same time. With friendly locals, a laid-back atmosphere and a plethora of quiet, secluded beaches to pick from, Da Nang will offer an unforgettable getaway.

On top of that, this city is also a jump-off point to three world heritage sites: the ancient capital Hue, the charming town of Hoi An and the religious centre of My Son.

9. Koh Rong, Cambodia

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Koh Rong is probably the island paradise of your dreams. Go forth and trek in lush jungles, swim in waterfalls or sunbathe on pristine beaches. Come night time, one can see phosphorescent plankton on beaches glowing and lighting up the water. This makes for an ethereal, otherworldly scene.

Electricity on this island runs on a generator that is powered only from 6 to 11 pm. I know what you’re thinking: no internet! In Koh Rong, you can truly be off the grid. Some hotels and resorts offer Wi-Fi, but there are no Internet cafes on the island. Imagine that! Koh Rong is a great place for self-reflections and reconnecting to nature.

As compared to other destinations on this list, Koh Rong is more of a hassle to get to – you’ll need to fly to Phnom Penh, take a 4-hour bus ride to Sihanoukville and then hop on a ferry. However, this island will definitely be worth the journey.

10. Pangkor Island, Malaysia

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi

Image credit: Phalinn Ooi

Located off the coast of Perak, Pangkor Island is lined with breathtaking beaches and teeming with fantastic resorts. This small island offers plenty to holidaymakers – a host of water sports, jungle treks and even birdwatching. Pangkor Island can be reached by a short ferry ride from Lumut. Book an overwater villa and your friends might just believe you when you tell them that you’re in Maldives!

So there you go, ten beach destinations for your next getaway from Singapore! What’s more, many of these places are accessible by budget airlines, so quickly start booking your flights! It’s still not too late for that year-end vacation!

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