Cutest Wildlife Encounters to Have in Western Australia – Besides Koalas & Kangaroos!

Cutest Wildlife Encounters to Have in Western Australia – Besides Koalas & Kangaroos!

These are guaranteed to make you squeal in delight.

When you think of Australia, it’s hard not to conjure up images of their very unique and adorable animals. Due to the continent’s geographical position, it is home to many different native species of animals that cannot be found anywhere else. Two of such examples are the Koala and Kangaroo – these well-loved marsupials are indigenous to Australia and are arguably, the animals that are most emblematic of the country.

Regardless of how loveable they are, one should not forget about the many other species of wildlife in Australia. In particular, Western Australia has an abundance of native animal species, and you’d be surprised at just how cute they can be! Here are some of the cutest encounters you can have with wildlife in this incredible state.

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Cosy up with the quokkas

Image Credit: (left) S. Rohrlach; (right) UI International Programs

Don’t you feel an inexplicable need to break out into a huge smile? Well, that’s the effect that the Quokka, or the world’s happiest animal, has on most people! These little marsupials are the size of domesticated cats and can only be found in Western Australia. Although they are nocturnal, many of them can be found roaming around in the day to search for food. Without trying to anthropomorphise too much, the quokkas do emanate benevolence and warmth – just look at their smiles! Many people have grown to adore these little critters, and can’t help but steal a selfie with them (they’ll gladly oblige). Do remember to treat them with care and respect, and don’t feed these herbivores any human food or snacks.

Where to find them: Rottnest Island, WA 6161

Snorkel amidst turtles

Image Credit: (left) Western Australia, (right) Visit Ningaloo

Ningaloo Reef is also home to a diverse marine ecosystem that is teeming with life and colour. This world heritage site consists of pristine waters, vast coral landscapes and an abundance of exotic marine animals. In particular, the reef is a natural habitat for endangered species like turtles and is crucial for their preservation. Don’t wait any longer; prepare your snorkelling gear for the underwater exploration like no other!

Where to find them: Ningaloo Reef Dive, 46 Robinson Street, Coral Bay, WA 6701

Whirl around a whale shark

Image Credit: (left) Western Australia, (right) Ningaloo Discovery

For those seeking a bit of thrill, venture into the deep blue and swim with the Whale Sharks! Throw away all your JAWS-inspired misconceptions and rediscover the beauty of these majestic creatures. Join the team from the Ningaloo Reef and swim alongside the largest fish in the ocean. Regardless of their intimidating size, the whale sharks are actually gentle giants that get along very well with humans. Each shark has a unique mottled print, which makes them easy to identify and track. Consequently, regular divers often reunite with their favourite whale shark, establishing the bond of a lifetime. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; you might even meet your next best friend.

Where to find them: Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, WA 6707

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Spot a numbat in action

Image Credit: dilettantiquity

One of the most underrated native animals of all time is the Numbat, also known as the banded anteater. Even though it is the state emblem of Western Australia, few people outside the country know of its adorable existence. This inquisitive and elegant animal is in fact, one of Western Australia’s most endangered marsupials and extensive conservation efforts have been made to combat its near-extinction. It’s time to pay some attention to these incredible creatures and ensure their survival long into the future.

Where to find them: Dryandra Woodland, Dryandra via, Tomingley Road, Dryandra WA 6311

Open your eyes to the owls

Image Credit: (left) Experience OZ, (right) Australian Geographic

Who knew that owls could be so cute? Australia is home to a large variety of owls, although different species can only be found in specific regions. Sooty Owls are bred and kept at the Caversham Wildlife Park and you can marvel at the endearing baby owls – they’re basically just bundles of feathers and pure joy. Otherwise, Barking Owls are the cutest species found in the wild. Just look at those big round eyes! These precious birds are more elusive, and can only be spotted in open woodlands and at the edge of forests.

Where to find them: Caversham Wildlife Park, B/Lot 99 Lord St, Whiteman WA 6068 or in open woodlands

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Frolic with dolphins

If you’re thinking of taking a leisure swim, why not do so with some of the smartest mammals on Earth? Bottlenose Dolphins swarm the sheltered waters of Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and these energetic creatures are eager to befriend some warm-hearted humans! The dolphins are completely at ease with humans and often put on a unique show to display their affection. Whether they perform a series of synchronised moves or snuggle up close around you, these warm and intelligent animals are sure to win your heart over.

Where to find them: Val St, Rockingham WA 6168

Sunbathe with a sea lion

Image Credit: Western Australia (left), (right)

Sea Lions are basically the puppies of the sea, so expect to fall head over heels with these fun-loving creatures. Unlike seals, sea lions can ‘walk’ on land by rotating their hind flippers and can often be spotted on the shore. In addition, they are much more sociable than their seal cousins and tend to congregate together. Spend a balmy afternoon sunbathing with a friendly sea lion, or even go underwater for a refreshing swim with them!

Where to find them: Jurien Bay Vista, Boat Harbour, Harbour Dr, Jurien Bay WA 6516

Adore the alpacas

Image Credit: MICOLO J Thanx

Not many people know the difference between an alpaca and a llama but let’s face it, alpacas are so much cuter! Their soft, thick wool coats are often trimmed, giving them their very own personal style. Even though they are not wild animals, they are kept in free-roaming grasslands and are just too cute to miss out on. Their frequent interaction with humans has allowed them to be very sociable and curious, so don’t be afraid to go up to say hi. Take one step further to pat, and even feed them! One of their strangest habits is to spit – when they feel distressed or are trying to exert dominance, expect them to shoot wads of spit at each other, or even at humans. To avoid this, just make sure that you are kind and loving to these delicate creatures.

Where to find them: Denmark Animal Farm & Pentland Animal Stud, 2019 Scotsdale Rd, Denmark WA 6333

Now that you know about all these cute wildlife, aren’t you just dying to head to Western Australia? Whether they are happy marsupials, wide-eyed owls or exotic marine species, there are so many novel experiences to have with these endearing animals. Just remember to always treat them with love and respect, and to not disrupt their natural environments.

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