7 Strangely Formed Islands in the Philippines You Probably Didn’t Know About

7 Strangely Formed Islands in the Philippines You Probably Didn’t Know About

How many of these oddly shaped islands in the Philippines do you know?

The Philippines is said to have a total of 7, 107 islands. So, you think that sounds like a lot? Well, think again! In fact, the number has increased to around 7,500, and I’m pretty sure it will continue to increase in the next couple of years. Out of the thousands of islands the Philippine archipelago is comprised of, there are some islands that truly stand out from the rest because of their (yes, you guessed it right) SHAPE! So here, let me show you some of the country’s oddly shaped islands.

1. Vulcan Point, Batangas

Vulcan Point Taal VolcanoImage credit: Sherpas 428

An island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island – what a mind-blowing tongue twister! To put it simply, Vulcan Point is that tiny island in the middle of Taal Volcano’s crater lake. Okay, there’s nothing special about its shape, but the idea of an island born out of a crater lake is something really strange and interesting. Don’t you think so?

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2. Turtle Island, Pangasinan

Turtle Island PangasinanImage credit: Ewen Roberts

You’ve probably heard of Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan. One island that will surely catch your attention in this group of islands is Turtle Island because (yes, you’re right again), it has the shape of a turtle. Turtle Island looks like a turtle – simple logic!

3. Crocodile Island, Pangasinan

Crocodile Island, PangasinanImage credit: incrediblethots

Unlike Turtle Island, you must be wary of Crocodile Island because crocodiles inhabit the area. Just kidding! Crocodile Island looks like a giant croc that is almost ready to devour the poor little ‘turtle’. Crocodile Island and Turtle Island are situated next to each other in Hundred Islands, Alaminos Pangasinan.

4. Snake Island, El Nido, Palawan

Snake Island, El Nido, PalawanImage credit: randomix

I won’t blame you if you’d think that Snake Island is named after its long snaky shape because it truly is! Its white sandbar looks as if it’s trying to slither its way to the mainland. And oh, you can only set foot on the island when it’s low tide. The Snake Island is one of the main attractions of El Nido, and is often part of any island hopping tour.

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5. Corregidor Island, Cavite

Corregidor Island, CaviteImage credit: NASA

strangely formed islands in the philippinesImage credit: spyderdos

Enough of islands named after animals! Here’s an island that, despite its shape, wasn’t named “Tadpole Island”. Corregidor Island bears witness to the painful World War II era. Here, you will learn so much about the Japanese invasion, the American influence and the sacrifice of our fellow Filipinos during the war. Corregidor Island, I must say, is a place every Filipino should visit! You’ll get what I mean when you explore it yourself.

6. Seco Island, Antique

Seco Island AntiqueImage credit: Katahum Tours

This island is named after a part of the body! Can you guess? If your imagination is as good as mine, you will get the right answer. The island looks like a human elbow and rightfully so, it was named “Seco”, which translates to elbow in English.

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7. White Island, Camiguin

White Island, CamiguinImage credit: Allan Donque

White Island, CamiguinImage credit: Pawel Zurek

Ah, White Island! It’s a long winding white sandbar in the middle of the sea, and it’s one of the
unspoilt beaches in the Philippines you definitely have to visit in the summer! The surrounding waters are crystal clear as well, so pack your picnic baskets and snorkelling gear for a perfect afternoon in the sun!

Now, aren’t you itching to start your summer getaway?

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If you know some more strangely formed islands in your locality, please share them with us. We’d love to know them too!

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