Century Old Ship Turned Floating Forest of Sydney

Century Old Ship Turned Floating Forest of Sydney

The once useless and creepy SS Ayrfield shipwreck has now become a renowned Floating Forest of Sydney flocked by visitors from all over the world.

floating forest of sydney

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Homebush Bay in Sydney Olympic Park has been home to a number of shipwrecks from the world war era but there’s one distinctive shipwreck that catches the attention of the public. It’s the SS Ayrfield ship used by the government during World War II to transport supplies to American troops in the Pacific. In 1972, the ship was decommissioned and was put to its final resting place in Homebush Bay.

Image credits: http://bit.ly/1AeSTpp

After more than a century, dense mangrove trees have grown and created a surprisingly wonderful foliage. The once useless shipwreck has now become a renowned ‘Floating Forest of Sydney’. Today, photographers and travellers from all over the world are enamoured by the extraordinary sight of the verdant wreckage.

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