6 Spots in the Philippines Where Adventure Island Game Could Have Been Set

6 Spots in the Philippines Where Adventure Island Game Could Have Been Set

With its numerous out-of-this-world sceneries, the Philippine archipelago almost looks like the giant set for Fami-Com / N.E.S. Adventure Island game.

There are many reasons why the Philippine Islands are truly adventure islands, but this article will show you yet another perspective to prove this point. Below are pictures which will show you where the Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game Adventure Island could have been set in the Philippines. Let’s get into the 90’s nostalgia while we travel among a few of the many unique attractions of this country.

1. This sure reminds me of strolling along Bohol’s Man-Made Mahogany Forest

philippines spots adventure island gameImage credit: Ace Alejandre

2. Is this an 8-bit version of island hopping in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan?

Image credit: Incrediblethots

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3. Cave with bats? Is this inside Puerto Princesa’s underground river?

Image credit: Paweesit

4. The Sumaguing Cave in Sagada might not be blue, but it surely is slippery and icy cold.

Image credit: Shubert Ciencia

5. Have you ever been on the Kapurpurawan Rock in Ilocos Norte?

Image credit: Johanna Alexis

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6. Isn’t this just like a tour around Intramuros? Just watch out for the big bosses!

Image credit: Fechi Fajardo

Now, which Family Computer / NES game does this spot remind you of?

chocolate hills boholImage credit: Hsu Alvin

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