Malaysia Airlines' Mandatory Self Check-in Speeds Things Up

Malaysia Airlines’ Mandatory Self Check-in Speeds Things Up

With Malaysia Airlines introducing mandatory self check-in, your airport experience will now be faster and hassle-free!

Here’s to a faster and hassle-free check-in process! Malaysia Airlines has announced that Economy class passengers flying out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) will be required to use self-service facilities to check-in, starting from July 15.

Malaysia Airlines
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Passengers can choose to either check-in online using MHweb or MHmobile, or make use of the self-service check-in kiosks at the KLIA and Putrajaya Express Rail Link (ERL) station. Self-service check-in will be available up to 48 hours prior to a flight, and passengers will only need their booking reference or 13-digit E-number to check-in.

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
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This new policy by Malaysia Airlines is expected to save time for the passengers, doing away with long check-in queues and offering passengers a smoother pre-flight experience.

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The airline also added that this mandatory self check-in is a prelude to automated baggage drops and self-tagging. Soon enough, you will be able to escape the queue at check-in counters and save even more time!

Keep this new policy in mind when you travel to Malaysia!

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