Google Santa Tracker Lets Bored Kids Tail Santa This Christmas Season

Google Santa Tracker Lets Bored Kids Follow Santa Around This Christmas Season

There are Google search words that will lead you to a merry realm of digital Yuletide glee! Guess what they are.

Let’s start with a quick trial. Open Google; type “Santa” or “Christmas”, and somewhere on the search engine results page, you’ll spot a spinning and dancing Christmas hat. Click it — lo and behold, you now have the ability to “track” Santa Claus on Google this Yuletide season.

A secret website dedicated to Santa — for kids, Christmas lovers, and the young at heart

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After clicking the Christmas hat, you’ll spot Santa Claus aboard a hot air balloon, waving at audiences as he flies past the top of your computer screen. With that comes your entry into a secret website of sorts dedicated to all things Christmas and Santa Claus. Google calls it their Google Santa Tracker and this is your gateway to a digital space called Santa’s Village.

While Google Santa Tracker promises to “track” Santa’s journey around the world beginning Christmas eve, website users won’t have access to this feature until 24 Dec 2020. Talk about attention to detail!

According to a report by Travel & Leisure, Google affirms that Santa’s Christmas journey to kids all over “lasts 25 hours”. “He makes his first stop just after 10pm local time in far eastern Russia, when it’s 5am in New York and 11am in Paris,” the website added. Google Santa Tracker does just that; it gives eager audiences the chance to know Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas day!

That way, children may tell if Santa’s on his way to deliver gifts to them. Parents, we leave the planning up to you, should you wish to be Santa’s little helpers. *wink* 

So what can you do when you aren’t tracking Santa?

Santa Google Tracker

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Google Santa Tracker isn’t just a tracker! It brims with activities for users of all ages. Admittedly, I found myself hooked on its free games.Elf Jetpack’, for example, allows you to take control of exactly that: an elf zooming away on a jetpack. Your main task is to collect baubles, clocks for extra time, and gifts along the way. BUT remember to avoid coal. Those will cost you points, and we’re pretty sure you’ve been good this year so you don’t deserve to get them!

‘Gift Slingshot’, on the other hand, lets you “shoot” gifts onto passing boats while huge glaciers block your path. Yes, you’re meant to get the gifts past these gargantuan pieces of ice.

Other fun features you can try while on Google’s Santa website are interactive stories, arts and crafts ideas, and educational yet eye-catching readings on different Yuletide traditions all over the world! Did we mention that Google Santa Tracker also offers lessons on coding for beginners, regardless of age? We’re thinking that it’s Google’s present to people across the globe spending Christmas in quarantine. We’re immensely touched, Google.

To know more about what you can do with Google Santa Tracker, visit their family guide! Or follow the instructions at the beginning of this article to navigate the website yourself. Merry browsing!

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