Introducing The World’s First Cat Cafe Train in Japan, Promising A Commute Full Of Cuddles

Introducing The World’s First Cat Cafe Train in Japan, Promising A Commute Full Of Cuddles

All on board Yoro Railway for a fun-filled train journey in the company of our furry feline friends while admiring the stunning views Japan has to offer!

When we think of Japan, the image of clean streets, rail travel and cats (not forgetting our beloved Hello Kitty!), or even cat cafes pop into our mind. In recent years, pet cafes, especially cat and dog cafes, have become extremely popular in Asia and Europe, with visitors flocking from all over the world to visit them. I mean, how can anyone resist these cuddly little balls of fur?

Following the first cat cafe which opened in Taiwan in 1998 and subsequently, the second in Osaka in 2004, the craze spread like wildfire to various Asian countries and now, many house their own pet cafes. But scratch these mainstream cafes – Japan has just introduced the world’s first-ever cat cafe train, a partnership event between Kitten Cafe Sanctuary and Yoro Railway Co Ltd!  

According to Japanese news website, Rocket News 24, the event which was held on September 10 had two rides available, one from Ogaki Station to Ikeno in the morning and the other returning to Ogaki in the afternoon, each two and a half hours long and limited to 40 passengers. The fare which cost 3000 yen (~$27 USD) was used to fund the Sanctuary’s cat rescue operations and included a bento boxed lunch, sweets and an unlimited travel day ticket on Yoro Railway.

Not only were visitors able to enjoy the company of approximately 30 furry friends amidst passing the famous Yoro Falls, they participated in a good cause — this project aimed to garner awareness towards the culling of cats as these shelter cats were originally scheduled to be culled, before being protected by the Sanctuary.


Image credit: Yoro Railway Facebook

In an interview with Atlas Obscura, Bill Atler, a writer who was lucky enough to have been on board, described it as being “all about the cats”, with no one paying attention to the beautiful scenery and free refreshments. He labelled it the “best place on earth”, and that’s enough to make all of us cat lovers extremely envious.

No word has been released about whether more rides will be planned in the future, but it is likely, given the success of the first. We certainly hope so!


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