Bhutan Trans Trail Reopens After 60 Years for International Travel

Bhutan Trans Trail Reopens After 60 Years for Domestic and International Travel

History, culture, and nature… all in one journey.

Bhutan’s borders reopened on 23 Sep 2022, offering travellers an escape into idyllic mountains and tranquil alpine towns. If you’re planning a trip to Bhutan soon, there’s something new to add to your bucket list — the Bhutan Trans Trail, which finally resumed operations for domestic and international travellers after 60 years!

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What is the Bhutan Trans Trail?

bhutan trans trail - punakha

Image credit: Aaron Santelices

For many years, the Bhutan Trans Trail was a major cross-country route that was used for pilgrimages, trade, and communications. In fact, the trail was the only way to travel throughout the country before the construction of the highway in 1906. By the 21st century, efforts have been made to restore the trail, including bridge renovations and sign upgrades. 

bhutan trans trail - punakha suspension bridge

Image credit: Faris Mohammed

Today, the reopened 403km trail offers visitors, including younger locals, the chance to discover and reconnect with the rich heritage of Bhutan all while travelling sustainably.

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bhutan trans trail - drukgyel dzong

Image credit: Ugyen Tenzin

The Bhutan Trans Trail connects Haa in the west and Trashigang in the east. Those who choose to embark on the historic hike will be passing through one national park and 400 historic and cultural sites. On top of that, hikers will encounter 18 major bridges, nine dzongkhags (districts), 28 gewogs (local governments), and two municipalities. The entire journey can be covered on foot or by bike and may take up to a month, although shorter excursions can take only a week or so to complete.

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bhutan trans trail - thujidrag gompa

Image credit: Adli Wahid

Scenic routes, historical sites, and an experience you’ll never forget… Looks like we’re moving Bhutan up our travel bucket list! We hope to see you there *wink*. 

Featured image credit: Aaron Santelices | Unsplash

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