Best Ways to Travel Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Best Ways to Travel Between Hong Kong and Guangzhou

Connectivity is as comprehensive as ever between these two cities. Just pick one option below!

The Pearl River Delta in southern China is a major metropolitan area in the province of Guangdong. Cities are very well connected with an array of transport options available for all. Particularly, the travel route between Hong Kong and Guangzhou has always been popular, be it for business or leisure. Here are the convenient methods you can try during your next trip:

1. High Speed Rail

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The High Speed Rail (HSR) to Hong Kong was recently opened to much fanfare and it’s now seamlessly connected to the massive HSR network in Mainland China. Travelling time to Guangzhou is slashed to a mere 48 minutes as officially advertised. At first glance, that seems pretty impressive!

However, do consider the travel time to and from the respective HSR stations ㅡ especially the one in Guangzhou. The train calls at Guangzhou South station, which actually lies at the city outskirt, and you’ll still have to connect via the metro which may take up another one hour. Coupled with waiting time from check-in, the total travel timing could potentially add up to two hours or more.

Ticket prices start from 215 RMB (approximately HK$247, adjusted monthly depending on the exchange rate with RMB) for second class. Nevertheless, the HSR is still an attractive option for those seeking convenience and don’t mind spending more for such a novel mode of transport. In fact, the immigration clearance facility is integrated at Hong Kong’s West Kowloon station, where you’ll clear both Hong Kong and China customs in one go. Travelling between these two territories has never been so convenient!

2. Guangzhou-Kowloon through train

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The Guangzhou-Kowloon Through Train trails behind the HSR in terms of speed, but it brings you right into Guangzhou proper. From Hung Hum station in Hong Kong, the conventional train journey travels to Guangzhou East station in about two hours. Guangzhou East station is next to the commercial district of Tianhe and you could easily access other parts of the city via the metro. Thus, it is more convenient if you consider the connection from the train station to your final destination.

Immigration formalities are conducted at both railway stations ㅡ one for departure and the other for arrival. Journeys departing Hong Kong cost HK$210 each, but those departing from Guangzhou are cheaper in comparison at 95 RMB each.

3. Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway

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The bustling metropolis of Shenzhen is just across the northern frontiers of Hong Kong; it can easily be accessed by MTR via Lo Wu station at the end of the East Rail Line. After customs clearance from both sides, you’ll find yourself at Shenzhen Railway Station where trains depart frequently for Guangzhou East. Ticket price is 79.5 RMB either way, so you can actually save quite a bit by this method if you’re heading to Guangzhou.

However, crossing the border at Lo Wu would be quite an inconvenience especially during peak periods. This border crossing has the heaviest usage in Hong Kong and it could potentially take ages just to get your passports stamped. Be prepared to budget more time than expected if you’re choosing this option.

4. Cross-border buses

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This is the most economical method to travel between the two cities. Besides that, there are so many timings and pick-up points for you to choose from to suit your budget and itinerary. Several companies run this intercity transfer service and tickets are offered at competitive rates. Prices can be around HK$100 or 90 RMB, which is quite a steal!

In normal traffic conditions, each journey will take around three hours and a half. However, always be prepared for delays in case of unforeseen situations on the road. Buses may also make a number of stops upon reaching either city, thus adding up to your travel time. This option would be best for budget travellers who wouldn’t mind sacrificing more of their time on the road.

There you have it, the best ways to journey between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. If you’re visiting the region, it would be good to know all the available public transport options for your itinerary. Happy travelling!

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