5 Interesting Things to Check Out in Kota Damansara

5 Interesting Things to Check Out in Kota Damansara

Kota Damansara, a township in Petaling Jaya, is not just a boring residential area. Here are some of the attractions you can visit there.

Kota Damansara, a once slow and quiet townhouse development, has transitioned quite rapidly into a place for food, fun and more. It wasn’t that long ago that new residential and business developments began cropping up and with them, a range of amenities and activities which have all come together to make up this flourishing area.

Here are six interesting things that you should check out the next time you drop by Kota Damansara.

1. Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve

Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve (KDFC) is managed by KDFC Society with two main entrances to the reserve; one is in Section 9 and the other is in Section 10 of Kota Damansara. Covering 320 hectares, this area offers a panoramic view from the highest part of the forest reserve and 16km of trails which are well-maintained and dotted with plenty of signages. It offers an enjoyable hike and bike location and is convenient to access for those living in north-west KL. Although there are no formal operating hours, the trails should only be attempted when there is daylight.

2. Jom Cari Makan

Malaysians in all their diversity can be found rallying around their common love of food and can you blame them? A seemingly endless oasis of tasty treats and unique eateries can be found throughout the nation. In Kota Damansara, right outside Encorp Strand Mall, in the outdoor walkway known as red carpet avenue, you can find numerous food trucks offering an assortment of delicacies, among which are local dishes, iced beverages, waffles and western fare.

3. 1 Utama’s Indoor Surfing and Skydiving

1 Utama is a shopping mall located in the vicinity of some of Kota Damansara’s trademark establishments such as Sunway Giza and Encorp Strand Mall. The new wing of 1 Utama is undergoing some big renovations and FlowRider and AirRider, indoor surfing and skydiving which have been completed quite recently look set to offer plenty of action to thrill seekers in the area.

4. Chocolate Museum & Shop

Image credit: Chocolate Museum

Image credit: Chocolate Museum

This spot in Kota Damansara has a section of chocolate-making machines and aims to create awareness/educate the public on the wonderful world of chocolates. With colourful décor and bright lights, indulge your sweet tooth and expand your mind through an interactive and informative experience. Here, you can find demonstrations, tastings, displays on the history of chocolate and a retail store. To reduce the guilt of stocking up on sweet treats here, you can also read up about the health benefits of eating chocolates.

5. CookieNation

Image credit: CookieNation Malaysia

Image credit: CookieNation Malaysia

If getting your fix at the chocolate museum isn’t enough, you can also drop by CookieNation and check out its unique and tasty combination of ice cream sandwiched in between cookies. CookieNation’s masterful sweet cookie ice cream sandwich creations are a must try and apart from these, there are also cookie cups to go with your ice cream scoop of choice.

Getting there

In the vicinity of Tropicana Medical Centre and SEGi University, you can find the Kota Damansara MRT Station, connecting crowded areas throughout the Klang Valley and beyond. When the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT Line opened up, feeder buses began operating as well, connecting the station to industrial and housing areas. The lay-bys and stops are situated at the base of both entrances. To find out more about the MRT feeder buses, go here.

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