15 Definite Signs It's Time for Your Next Adventure

15 Definite Signs It’s Time for Your Next Adventure

Feeling down, always looking out of the window? It's now time for your next adventure!

When you’ve been away from the road far too long, the urge to go wandering comes knocking. You may think you can stay away from exploring new places, but you’ll always go crawling back to your one true love—travelling.

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1. You’ve been feeling down lately and can’t pinpoint the problem

Your gut tells you it’s the lack of adventure in your life recently.

2. You’re always looking out of the window or somewhere far away

At least your thoughts can go exploring when your body couldn’t.

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3. You follow more travel bloggers than people you actually know on Instagram

And the only photos you like are those of landscapes, exotic food and cities.

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4. Real life is way too much to handle lately, and you keep reminiscing your last trip

You desperately wish you have a time-turner to go wander the streets of Tokyo again.

5. There’s a little pinch in your heart everytime you see your friend’s travel photos

Can’t it be you lounging on the sands of El Nido, instead?

6. You go nuts thinking that there are weeks left before your next trip

You wish you can just push a fast forward button.

7. Your heart jumps off your chest when there’s a seat sale

To book or not to book? To book is always the right answer.

8. Your list of must-visit places is growing by the day

It’s probably time to start crossing them out.

next adventure

9. You get excited hearing people talk about the places they’ve been to

You cannot wait till it’s your time to tell the story.

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10. You look back at your last escapade and think it has been years

Even though it’s just a month or two ago.

11. For some reason, travel ads keep popping on all your social networking accounts

It’s the only kind of haunting you welcome into your life.

12. You spend every free time obsessively planning your next trip

So what if you still have a month left?

13. Then you feel like crying because is it really still a month away?

The excitement is so close to killing you.

14. You’ll say YES to any travel invite, even if it’s just a trip to a new part in the city

It doesn’t matter where you’re going. What matters is you’re finally exploring!

15. Because you know that any day is a good day to go exploring.

There’s really no excuse not to!

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So what are you waiting for? Throw all your travel essentials in a backpack, and go on a crazy little adventure today!

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