10 Things To Do in Sandakan, Sabah

10 Things To Do in Sandakan, Sabah

Sandakan is the second largest town in Sabah where culture and nature meet. Here are 10 interesting things to do in Sandakan to guide you.

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sandakanSandakan Town
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1. Sandakan War Memorial

The Sandakan War Memorial Park is located within the original Prisoner of War (POW) camp, which was set up in 1942 to 1945 during the WWII Japanese Occupation.

The park was officially opened on February 15, 1999. It has a commemorative pavilion which features educational materials and a model of the original POW camp. This is dedicated to the POWs who spent their last days in the camp.

2. Selingan Turtle Island

sandakanTurtle Island
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The Selingan Turtle Island is considered as a safe haven for the hawksbill turtles. The island houses the turtle hatchery, the park’s headquarters, basic facilities and tourist accommodations. The best time to visit is from March to July whilst the best time to experience turtles laying eggs is between July and October.

Please note that visitors are not allowed to take photos or videos of the turtles.

3. Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple

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Whether you’re a Buddhist or not, the Puu Jih Shi Buddhist Temple is a place you would not want to miss. Located on a hilltop, the temple welcomes its’ guests with a breathtaking view of the Sandakan Bay.

4. Gomantong Cave

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Gomantong cave was hailed as one of the biggest cave systems in Sabah. Here, you’ll see millions of bats during the day and swiftlets at night.

Gomantong comprises of two caves: the black cave which is open to visitors and the white cave which is not easily accessible. For centuries, the cave has been popular for its edible swiftlet nests, to be made into bird’s nest soup.

5. Kinabatangan River Cruise – overnight Bilit Rainforest Lodge

Spanning a length of about 560 kilometers, Kinabatangan River is considered to be the second largest river in Malaysia. It is also one of the most popular destinations in Sabah.

The river provides its guests with an opportunity to see the wildlife through a boat ride. Here, you may encounter a wide variety of animals plus a number of small villages along the river.

6. Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary

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This place has an observation spot which provides tourists an opportunity to have a closer look at the Proboscis Monkeys. These monkeys can only be found in Borneo. So, visiting this place is a must for animal lovers.

7. Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Centre

The Rainforest Discovery Centre is located inside the Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve. With a matrix of steel walkways, visitors are given the chance to view about 250 species of birds, 100 feet above the ground. Oftentimes, visitors are even treated to Orangutan sightings.

8. English Tea House

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The English Tea House and Restaurant provides its guests with a spectacular view overlooking the Sandakan Bay. Boasting of its excellent service and great food, you’ll surely be treated with a fine dining experience. Here, you’ll be welcomed with a wide selection of the finest teas from around the world plus a wide array of traditional English cuisines with Asian flavors.

9. Agnes Newton Keith House

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With its colonial-style architecture and sprawling green lawns, the Agnes Keith House would be hard to miss. This house was previously occupied by Agnes Newton Keith, a famous American writer who wrote “Land Below The Wind”, “Three Came Home” and “White Man Returns”. Two of these books were written in the house by hill, where you’ll be welcomed with the best views of Sandakan Bay.

Now, the house has been restored and has been transformed into a heritage house, which is managed by the Sabah Museum.

10. Buli Sim Sim Water Village

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Buli Sim Sim Water Village lies along the sea coast of Sandakan. Here, you’ll be greeted with a number of seafood restaurants. This has been a popular destination for both tourists and locals alike. Prawn noodles, prawn balls, seafood dumpling and curry bean curd are just some of their specialty dishes. rusbank.net. here!

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