5 Eateries in Malaysia that Put a Unique Spin on Nasi Lemak

5 Eateries in Malaysia that Put a Unique Spin on Nasi Lemak

Take the nation’s favourite dish, throw in a little ingenuity and what do you get? Check out these unique takes on the classic Nasi Lemak.

If you’re Malaysian or have had the pleasure of living in or visiting our beautiful country, chances are you would have tried the sensational local classic nasi lemak at least once.

Well known throughout the land as a delectable and timeless favourite, the iconic nasi lemak is a piece of the nation’s heart and a scrumptious dish enjoyed by people at breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as in between.

In its simplicity there is poetry. A nasi lemak is essentially just coconut rice, usually wrapped in banana leaves, topped with hot, spicy sambal, cucumbers, a boiled egg, some anchovies, and nuts. These simple ingredients come together to form a tapestry that is both straightforward and legendary.

It has a humble beginning as a farmer’s meal in the days when long gruelling work in the fields meant that villagers had to keep their energy levels up through a filling meal that provided all of the essential elements for a full day. The rice, oils, meat, and vegetables provided a balanced and easily concocted dish packed full of sufficient energy.

Today, nasi lemak is a national treasure enjoyed by the masses. In true Malaysian creative form, numerous nasi lemak outlets have put their own fresh twists on this age-old meal.

Here are some of the unique versions of our much-loved Malaysian dish:

Nasi Lemak Sushi

Image credit: RUYI & LYN

Take the most popular delicacies of two different cultures, fuse them together and what do you get?

A masterpiece.

Ruyi & Lyn offer you a one-of-a-kind culinary surprise with their unique nasi lemak sushi made of thin cucumber slices packed neatly into a rectangular package of bliss. Anchovies and sambal sit perched as toppings that bring with them the familiar nasi lemak taste we all know and love.

Nasi Lemak Kukus Goreng

Found within the area of PJ Old Town, this nasi lemak stall has its own set of wheels and is constantly on the move. It isn’t too common to see a nasi lemak focused food truck and as such, customers from all walks of life queue up for what Chef Fauzey has to offer.

Included in the menu, you can find nasi lemak kukus goreng which is priced at about RM7 and served with a side of sambal, sliced cucumbers, a single fried prawn that is then topped with fried chicken and crunchy chilli-fried coconut as a side dish.

It is located at Jln Othman, Pjs 3, PJ Old Town, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia and its operating hours are from 5.30pm to 11.00pm daily.

Lobster Nasi Lemak

Image credit: Tavern

If you’re looking for a little more prestige in your menu selection, we highly recommend that you take a trip down to the Tavern Kitchen and Bar. This well-known restaurant in Sabah has incorporated the ultimate seafood dish into the humble nasi lemak.

Lobsters may be a delicacy that can get a little high up on the menu in terms of pricing. With this in mind, this inspiring restaurant took it upon itself to create a challenging combination of lobster and nasi lemak, offering it to eager customers at a price that doesn’t bust a huge hole in your pocket.

The nasi lemak lobster is a true testament to the Malaysian spirit of ingenuity and packs a tasty punch for those that are up for something a little different.

Nasi Lemak Cheesecake

Image credit: Eat Drink KL

Sadly, the Lepaq Lepaq Café has recently closed down, but we couldn’t help but include this quirky creation in the list.

During its time, the café had one of the more unique concoctions out there: nasi lemak cheesecake.

Needless to say, it became a viral sensation around the Klang Valley spurred on by social media and before long, locals and foreigners alike arrived in droves and swarms for a piece of this cheesy, spicy and savoury pastry.

To this day, many still dream of the glorious return of nasi lemak cheesecake.

Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang Seputeh

Image credit: Fried Chillies

Known to locals in the area as a hidden gem with an insider secret, Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang Seputeh is a stall that not many know of outside its little corner of Malaysia.

Regardless, when the lights come on from noon till way past midnight, regular customers can be found reappearing again and again.

Why? You ask.

Well, these chefs are masters of their trade. With fragrant rice, delicious sambal and delectable side dishes, this stall knows how it’s done!

It is located just along Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Taman Persiaran Desa, Kuala Lumpur and operates between 3pm and 2am daily.

So, nasi lemak lovers, now you know where to go!

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