The 3 Most Popular Island Destinations in The Philippines for Couples

The 3 Most Popular Island Destinations in The Philippines for Couples

Take that romance up a notch in these stunning island destinations in the Philippines that are well-known for its incredible beaches and so much more.

There’s nothing quite like travelling with your partner to get to know them better. Whether it’s your first or tenth trip together, it’s always exciting to explore a new environment! In this month of romance, we zoom into the Philippines and look at some of the top island-destinations in the country – and possibly the world too.

For that special first trip together: Cebu

The magnificent Magellan’s Cross in Cebu

If you’re not sure what your other half is interested in, why not choose a destination with something for everyone? Cebu is a fascinating mix of awe-inspiring sceneries, historical and heritage sites, and modern attractions that will keep you endlessly entertained.

For history buffs, start your trip with a visit to the Magellan’s Cross, planted in 1521 when the first Christian Filipinos were baptised. Marvel at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Cebu’s holiest church, housing an image of the infant Jesus. Rumour has it that the cross is miraculous, having survived fires, several typhoons, bombings during World War II and even an earthquake!

If your partner happens to be a foodie, try the famous lechon (roasted pig), which no less than Anthony Bourdain, one of the most influential chefs in the world, called the ‘best pig ever.” Head to Barangay Tisa to indulge in a wide variety of tasty street food dishes like siomai (steamed pork dumpling), pancit canton (stir-fried noodle), and more. Not into street food? Book a meal at a top-notch restaurant without busting your budget at the Terraces in Ayala Center, a nine-hectare dining and shopping haven. Or enjoy world-class cuisine at Anzani, located in Nivel Hills, for sumptuous dishes prepared by Chef Marco Anzani, cited as one of the pioneer founders of new Mediterranean cuisine.

Take a break from the city scene and drive up to the Terrazas De Flores Botanical Garden. Simply enjoy your partner’s company with over 120 flower species on display, or explore hidden quotes and poems in the garden. Afterwards, visit Cebu’s very own Taj Mahal, the Temple of Leah. It was built as a grand gesture of love from a husband to his late wife, adorned with ancient Roman architecture and Greek statues. End the night by watching a sea of white LED roses light up the 10,000 Roses Café. With something for everyone, this will be one special first trip that both of you won’t forget!

Cebu is also blessed with beautiful resorts and beaches. After taking a fill of historical sites and city delights, head over to Mactan Island for some snorkelling; journey north of Cebu to Bantayan Island to bask in powdery white-sand beaches and some quiet-time inside Ogtong Cave, a refreshing, natural freshwater pool. 

For the ultimate romantic getaway: Boracay

Parasailing in Boracay, Philippines

Known for both its tranquillity and nightlife, Boracay is Southeast Asia’s very own Maldives. Boracay offers the island haven you need to unwind with your partner after being together for a while, as well as thrilling activities to spice up your relationship.

Lounge at the beach together on beanbag chairs along Boracay’s popular White Beach and rediscover each other on your very own island paradise. If you’re looking for more privacy, there is no shortage of pristine, white sandy secret beaches for you and your partner-in-crime to explore.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try parasailing to enjoy the spectacular view of Boracay from high up in the air. Or head over to Ariel’s Point to cliff dive off platforms ranging from three metres to 15 metres high. The adrenaline rush you get is sure to draw you and your partner closer together.

In the evening, sail out in a paraw (a local sailboat) to catch the beautiful sunset or join the numerous parties on the island at night if you don’t want the day to be over. The energy of the crowd is infectious – let it spice up your romance!

For taking your relationship to the next level: Palawan

Find proposal-worthy spots around every corner in Palawan, Philippines

If you know that you’ve already found the love of your life, you must be itching to finally pop the question. You’ll want to give them the most memorable experience with the perfect backdrop for the proposal of a lifetime. The good thing is that a picturesque setting doesn’t have to bust the budget. Whisk them away to Palawan, one of the world’s most beautiful islands, and you will not be disappointed.

Home to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, one of the newly crowned seven natural wonders of the world, Palawan also boasts the best white sand beaches, top dive sites, and Instagram-worthy limestone cliffs. With plenty of stunning secret beaches to explore, you can find your very own picture-perfect secluded spot to get down on one knee!

Spend the rest of your trip relaxing by pristine waters and white sandy beaches together as a newly engaged couple, or venture out in the evening to join a firefly-watching group tour in Puerto Princesa for that final magical touch. Open your eyes to a different world of lights glittering on numerous mangrove trees, resembling Christmas trees shimmering in the darkest of nights. Let Mother Nature create a wondrous scene for you to make a memory that will last a lifetime!

How to get there

Getting to and around the Philippines is easy. Various airlines ply the routes, including Cebu Pacific Air, the largest airline in the Philippines. Cebu Pacific has direct daily flights between Singapore and five Philippine destinations, including Cebu, Manila (3x daily), and Clark (7x weekly) as well as Iloilo and Davao (2x weekly). CEB also operates out of Cebu, Manila and Clark as strategically placed hubs, flying to some of the world’s best islands including Boracay, Puerto Princesa and Coron.

Information extracted from press release issued by Ketchum Singapore for Cebu Pacific Air.  

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