20 Reasons Why Malaysia is a Horrible Place to Travel

20 Reasons Why Malaysia is a Horrible Place to Travel

Malaysia? Don't even bother to book that flight.

If you’re someone who loves to travel, especially around Southeast Asia, you’ve probably heard about how Malaysia is one of the best places to visit. Travellers rave about the lovely tropical weather, friendly locals, amazing attractions…

Well, take it from me, a Malaysian: planning to go on a holiday in Malaysia anytime soon? WORST. IDEA. EVER. Think I’m trying to pull your leg? Here are 20 reasons to convince you.

Read this article in Chinese: 绝对不要到马来西亚旅游的20个理由!

1. It’s not like our islands and beaches are anything special

Image credit: Elmar Bajora

2. We’ve got nothing to offer in terms of breathtaking scenery

mountain peakImage credit: Peripitus

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3. Nope, nothing special about our tropical rainforests either

tropical rainforestImage credit: Peter Gronemann

4. Or any of our exotic wildlife

wildlifeImage credit: AbZahri AbAzizis

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5. And these are really just tasteless graffiti

Image credit: CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

6. I mean, that’s the problem, cultural tourism just isn’t a thing in Malaysia anymore

batu cavesImage credit: Thanwan Singh

7. Everything is modern; no one really sticks to tradition anymore

Image credit: Kerina Yin

8. And there’s just nothing in Malaysia which has historical value

malaysia horrible place to travelImage credit: Corto-commonswiki

9. And don’t get me started on the food – it’s not delicious at all

nasi lemakImage credit: Mw12310

10. And let’s be honest, our snacks and traditional kuihs severely lack variety

malaysian snacksImage credit: Yun Huang Yong

11. Malaysia is just so underdeveloped

petronas towerImage credit: Gavin Flrkser

12. I mean, it’s so far behind other countries within the region in terms of technology and engineering

malaysia horrible place to travelImage credit: Marufish

13. Obviously, there’s nothing exciting to do in Malaysia

diving in malaysiaImage credit: Chen Wu

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14. Absolutely nothing

parasailing malaysiaImage credit: Firdaus Latif

15. And Legoland is just plain boring… that’s why there’s only one within the entire region

legolandImage credit: FonthipWard

16. Our malls are equally uninspiring; there’s nothing in them

malysian mallsImage credit: Matthew Kang

17. Our sporting events are a torture to watch

car racingImage credit: Morio

18. And nobody turns up for any events or festivals

half marathonImage credit: Pocket News

19. There’s nowhere to relax and have a nice drink

arte barImage credit: Wilson Gan; Arte Bar

20. To top it off, nightlife is totally non-existent in Malaysia

malaysia skylineImage credit: Naim Fadil

So, yeah. Unless you’re prepared to fall completely in love with another country, I’d suggest that you stay away from Malaysia.

What? You still feel like visiting my country? Can’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Let me wish you a pleasant stay in Malaysia in advance. Selamat Datang! (That means ‘welcome’)

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