SEM9 Opens Southeast Asia’s First Gaming Hotel in Johor, Malaysia

Game-cation: Southeast Asia’s First Gaming Hotel Opens in Johor, Malaysia

Game nights have never been better.

Now, what do you get when you combine a cyber cafe and your gaming room? You’d get a gaming hotel, of course! On 1 June 2022, the SEM9 E-Sports Hotel was opened to the public in Senai, Johor, Malaysia. It’s Southeast Asia’s first e-sports hotel. It’s the first of its kind and one of many things to do in Johor. Regardless, it’s definitely worth the visit! 

Located three minutes away from Senai International Airport in Johor gamers can treat themselves to a luxurious hotel room that comes with high-quality gaming rigs and ambient LED lights. But if you’re more of a console gamer, fret not — there are some rooms that provide Playstation 5s as well!

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What can we expect?

There are a lot of things this gaming hotel in Malaysia has got to offer! Other than the high-performance PCs and gaming consoles, guests of SEM9 Senai are entitled to high-speed Internet, great gaming peripherals and arguably the most comfortable gaming chairs. Depending on the gaming rooms, the computers come with either  RTX 3060 to RTX 3090 graphics cards! Gamers will know that these are pretty much the best GPUs in the market! 

As this gaming hotel in Malaysia currently hosts 64 e-sports rooms, gamers can benefit from the range of accommodation options if they were to come alone or with someone. The biggest room accommodates up to four people, so bring your squad for an epic night of gaming! Gamers can sleep or rest in the room’s comfortable beds between breaks.

For a starting price of RM115 (S$36), you can book a half-day game-cation. In case you want to opt for a full day experience, prices start at RM220 (S$68.86) per package. Each room has many smaller amenities, like free bottled water, air-conditioning, toiletries, soundproof walls and more. There are satellite and cable channels too!

Other hotel facilities include parking, a merchandise zone, and a cafe for the hungry gamers. These facilities also extend to those who book normal rooms that are not catered to gaming.

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SEM9  is located 9km (9 minutes drive) away from Johor Premium Outlets and 32km (approximate 30 minutes drive) from LEGOLAND Theme Park. We guess it’s time for the gamers’ road trip you’ve always dreamed of! 

Featured image credit: SEM9 Esports Hotel | Official Website

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