Winner: HL Assurance

Even the bravest of travellers still need insurance coverage to keep them from getting into medical emergencies. If you are planning to travel multiple times this year, it’s better to have a safety net to protect you against the worst possible scenarios during your trip.

You can keep yourself safe with the annual multi-trip policy from the insurance arm of Hong Leong Finance, HL Assurance, which provides a practical and economical option for frequent flyers. This travel policy is a worthwhile investment that cushions you from overseas medical costs, personal accidents, emergency medical evacuation, and adventure activities for those who are fond of skydiving or bungee jumping. With HL Assurance, you can save yourself the trouble of purchasing single-trip insurance plans every time you want to go abroad.

Before you hop on a plane for your next adventure, make sure that your vacation is stress-free when you get coverage from HL Assurance.