Local Tips: Best Spots in Boracay to Catch Sunrise and Sunset

Local Tips: Best Spots in Boracay to Catch Sunrise and Sunset

Catching the Boracay sunset should be on the itinerary of everyone heading to this beach paradise. Catching the sunrise too will be a definite bonus!

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Boracay, the beach capital of the Philippines, is an ideal spot for a fabulous weekend getaway. It is famous for its pristine beaches with clear waters tinged in a shade of bright turquoise, the most notable of which is the 4 kilometre stretch of White Beach.

During summer, it is largely populated by tourists, some who have travelled far and wide to reach this piece of paradise. In the day, travellers can frolic on Boracay’s incredible beaches, listening to the sound of the lapping waves. As the sun goes down and fire-dancers roll out into view, Boracay’s party scene bursts into life, and party-goers can dance and drink the night away.

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Best spots to catch the sunrise

Bulabog Beach

At the eastern shore of Boracay is Bulabog Beach, a famous spot for kitesurfing. This side of the island is less-developed and quieter as compared to the western side along White Beach, where the more populated Stations 1, 2 and 3 are located. During my stay in Boracay, my accommodation was along Bulabog Beach, which was just the perfect location—it was not too far from the bustling commercial areas, yet it allowed me to retreat from the crowds into a peaceful sanctuary every night.

Bulabog Beach offers an amazing view of the sunrise to those who make the effort to wake up at the crack of dawn. In Boracay, the sunrise is fiery red orange, kissing the blue calmness of the sea. It gently teases the dark indigo sky with its pink and purple hues. I got the first dibs on the hammock with a camera phone at ready as I took in the amazing sight in front of me. Catching the first rays of the sun by Bulabog Beach is truly witnessing one of Mother Nature’s wonders.

Mount Luho

Another fantastic sunrise viewing point is at the top of Mount Luho, the highest point in Boracay. To get there, travellers can hire a tricycle or simply hike up the hill. There is an observation deck on Mount Luho that offers panoramic views of the whole island, and this is the perfect spot to take instagram-worthy sunrise shots. Do note that Mount Loho has an entrance fee of PHP 120 (SGD 3.50).

The time to catch the sunrise differs according to the time of the year, and it generally ranges from 5.30am to 6.30am. Be sure to check the timing for the sunrise the night before, so you don’t miss the sight of the sun appearing from the horizon.

Best spots to catch the sunsets

boracay sunset

I’ve seen plenty of stunning sunsets in various locations around the Philippines, and it is safe to say that Boracay’s sunsets ranks high on the list.

Diniwid Beach

The best seat to view this spectacular scene is on the secluded shores of Diniwid Beach. This 200 metres stretch of sand is located to the north of White Beach and is favourite among travelling couples. Getting to Diniwid beach from Station 1 takes about 15 minutes by foot. Follow the cliffside pathway atop the rocky side of the beach, and then pass through a crevice to get to the other side. It might a tad challenging, but will be well worth the effort. For the less adventurous, Diniwid Beach is also an easy 20 minutes tricycle ride from Boracay D’Mall in Station 2.

Those who prefer to view sunsets at an elevated point can tackle the hill at the northern end of Diniwid Beach.

Puka Beach

Another quiet spot to view the sunset is Puka Beach, named after the puka shells littered across the white sands. These shells are picked up by locals and made into beautiful necklaces and handicrafts sold in souvenir shops nearby.

Puka Beach is a located at the northernmost point of Boracay island, and it can be reached by a 15 minutes tricycle ride from D’Mall that costs about PHP 25 (SGD 0.70) per person.

Manoc-Manoc Beach

Another fantastic sunset viewing spot is along the Manoc-Manoc Beach, which is located at the other end of White Beach. From White Beach, head south until you come across a local village. Sunset viewers from Manoc-Manoc Beach are offered a backdrop of the gorgeous mountain ranges of Caticlan across the shore.

In between the sunrise and sunset

In between catching the sunrise and sunset, be sure to drop by two of the best refreshment stores in Boracay.

The first is Real Coffee and Tea Café in Station 2, located along the beachfront near Sea World. They serve rich beverages and sweet treats such as delicious chewy chocolate chip cookies and also Boracay’s famous calamansi muffins. You might find that you can’t get enough of their calamansi muffins and would like to bring home some. In this case, orders for boxes of muffins can be placed here in advance.

Another must-try in Boracay is Jonah’s Fruit Shakes, situated at Station 1. Quench your thirst with their bestselling banana shakes mixed with other ingredients such as peanuts and chocolate.

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Taking the time to marvel at the sunrise and sunset will guarantee a stay in Boracay filled with extraordinary beauty. If you haven’t booked a trip to Boracay yet, what are you waiting for? These affordable Boracay travel deals are up for grabs!

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