Yu Hang Ng

The author thinks every life needs a good origin story. A second-year student at Singapore Management University, he studies Political Science, practices Strategy Consulting, and dabbles in Marketing on the side. His second favorite place in the world is at the peak of an arduous mountain summit, of which he has scaled in Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Korea. His favourite place in the world is in the window seat of a plane that has landed in a new destination.

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Brunei's vibrant waters are perfect for diving enthusiasts. Ng Yu Hang had a more than eventful day swimming next to beautiful coral reefs and free diving!

Brunei Museum – A Recollection of Its Past

Located in the historic capital of Kota Batu, the Brunei Museum is the library of Brunei's history. Let Yu Hang takes you through this national treasure and witness the Brunei's way of...

Who Says There’s No Shopping in Brunei?

Brunei may not be at the top of the must-visit country, but if you're travelling to Brunei, Yu Hang has some of the best shopping places that you can find interesting discoveries.