Benjamin Tan
Benjamin Tan

As a nomad, Benjamin believes his place in the world is not determined by the borders of one country, but by wherever the sweet nectar of exploration tickles his nose. He continually hones his writing in the hopes that his documentation of his journeys can do the beauty of what he witnesses some justice.

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My Soul Searching in Switzerland

A Swiss holiday drizzled in the unparalleled beauty that Switzerland is known for, picturesque train rides, an apartment in Zermatt and a healthy dose of soul searching.

Exploring the Heart of Amsterdam in Spring

Discover Amsterdam through the eyes of a traveller: from the seedy red-light district with the smell of marijuana wafting through the air, to the canals and windmills.

Not Everyone Wants To Travel

Not everyone’s aspiration in life is to travel the world, nor is it to sail the seven seas, to scale the highest mountains, to cross arid deserts, to bungee jump off a...

In Defence of Packaged Tours

Some millennials might turn up their noses at the notion of travelling in a tour group – but is this warranted? This writer shares his thoughts on the relevance of packaged tours...

bazaar china

Fantastic Bazaars Around the World

A good bāzār (bazaar), souq, mercado or street market – whichever you prefer to call it – transports you from one world to another.