Winner: EU Holidays

Europe often conjures images of enchanting scenes, and that’s not so far from reality. In many cities, you can find picturesque old towns crisscrossed by cobblestone streets, grand cathedrals built in various architectural styles, and magnificent castles that tell the stories of former glory. Even so, each of the 50 countries in Europe is distinct in their own right, giving travellers an overload of options for their holiday.

EU Holidays has resolved countless headaches by weaving together, piece by piece, a bit of the best in every country. You can choose to hop across multiple countries in one trip or focus on a particular one like Germany, Italy, or Portugal. Special experiences are also available for different seasons, a top one being the chase for the Northern Lights in winter. With packages that are reasonably priced and of great value, EU Holidays is a top choice for many travellers.

To view the full list of Europe packages provided by EU Holidays, click here.

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