Winner: CTC Travel

A country of ancient history and wonders, China has always been an enigmatic yet helplessly intriguing travel destination for many. It's not often that you'd get to immerse yourself in a country that seamlessly combines years of history and intricate architecture, against a backdrop of shimmering skyscrapers. From the iconic Great Wall that stretches for miles, the imposing Terracotta Army, to the sprawling palace complex of the Forbidden City, you will find yourself surrounded by the numerous tales, legends and mysteries that this diverse country has to offer.

CTC Travel guarantees you nothing but the best, with their comprehensive itineraries allowing you to discover both the iconic sights and hidden gems of China. Join their 13D Silk Road + Amazing North Xinjiang tour and be blown away by beautiful sceneries, unique landscapes and local nomadic villages. You're in for an incredibly enjoyable time every time you choose to travel with CTC Travel!

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