Forget Flight Delays & No Leg Room: 7 Reasons to Travel Around Southeast Asia by Cruise

Forget Flight Delays & No Leg Room: 7 Reasons to Travel Around Southeast Asia by Cruise

Worry less and get more out of your Southeast Asian getaway when you travel by cruise!

Filled with dazzling beaches, remarkable cultural sites and all-around incredible views, Southeast Asia offers a plethora of experiences for travellers. With so much to explore and the short distance away from home, it’s unlikely that we’ll stop taking trips around the region anytime soon.

However, there’s not much to love about taking short-haul flights, and sometimes you just want a different way to get to your destination.

Fret not, as there is a great alternative to getting around Southeast Asia. Coupled with its world-class port infrastructure, Singapore’s strategic location makes travelling around Southeast Asia by cruise an absolute breeze. The next time you’re planning a quick and sweet getaway, why not skip the flying part altogether and opt to travel on a cruise ship like Genting Dream, the biggest and newest luxury ship ported in Singapore?

First-timers need not worry about how to go about planning for your cruise, simply choose an itinerary from Dream Cruises and call it a day!

Set sail for the Southeast Asian destinations of your choice on Genting Dream as early as 1 March 2019, until 8 November 2019. You’ll enjoy 40% OFF, and Citibank Cardmembers receive an additional $200 off per cabin!*

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If you need some persuading as to why cruising around the region is a game changer, you’re in luck as we highlight the top reasons to take on Southeast Asia on board a cruise for your next trip.

1. To avoid the pains of travelling by flight

A lot of the travelling we do to other Southeast Asian countries is through short-haul flights that are sometimes susceptible to flight delays, or worse still, cancellations – causing inconvenient bumps to our holiday plans.

In general, these flights don’t provide the most comfortable experiences and are the parts we dread the most about going away. Say good riddance to the cramped airplane seats and all the other unsavoury aspects of flying short-haul – you’ll have a much more stress-free experience when you’re travelling on a cruise.

Once you’ve checked in and deposited your bags, you may obtain your stateroom key card upon presenting your cruise tickets. You won’t have to go through all the trouble of collecting your own luggage from conveyor belts, as they’ll be delivered directly to your stateroom.

You’ll essentially skip past the whole process that occurs from the moment you board the plane, up until when you reach your accommodation. Imagine all the time you would’ve had spent travelling, you can now use to settle into your room and get a head start on trying out various cruise activities instead!

2. Less planning, more relaxing

The beauty of opting for a cruise on Genting Dream is that you no longer have to stress yourself out with much of the fuss and planning that comes with travelling, such as hotel bookings and transportation to and from the airport. When you travel on board a cruise, you’re assured of a wonderful experience staying in the spacious staterooms.

If you’d really like a hands-off approach throughout the duration of your trip, you can even choose to book shore excursions instead of making your own plans to explore the destination. Experience the best highlights of each city or island with the assurance that you won’t miss any cut-off boarding times.

3. The party starts as soon as you set off

Since you’ve saved on time spent at and travelling between airports, you can start exploring the destination right off disembarkation. There’s no post-flying tire to sleep off, and certainly no need to halt the enjoyment when the cruise is sailing between different ports.

There’s such a wide range of activities and entertainment options to choose from that you’re guaranteed to be busy throughout the duration of your cruise trip on Genting Dream.

Start the day of with some mini golf, and familiarise yourself with rock climbing in the afternoon, before hitting up Zouk Beach Club after sundown. In between, you’ll find time to experience watching films at sea, or even catch award-winning entertainment shows! Still, the highlight to top all highlights is probably the waterslide park on the deck of the ship for all ages to enjoy.

4. A new way to have a luxurious holiday in Southeast Asia

Forget your same old hotels or resorts, the cruise experience will be a whole new way to experience luxury while vacationing in Southeast Asia. Believe it or not, you’ll get the whole shebang and much more – even when you’re all the way out at sea!

Tucked away in its own exclusive enclave on Genting Dream, the Palace is part boutique hotel, part private clubhouse. The dedicated European-style butler concierge service will cater to your every need and more with warm hospitality and impeccable service.

Enter a state of true rejuvenation and relaxation at the Western and Asian spas available on the ship, where highly qualified, attentive therapists will tailor a session according to your needs.

In the Palace Villas, the magnificent duplex suites at sea feature a whirlpool spa, sauna and even a private sun deck for you to let loose and recharge.

Enjoy a fine dining experience and delight in a wide variety of cuisines spanning across international, Chinese, Japanese as well as Southeast Asian origins. Cruises typically cater to all palates and people of various dietary requirements on request, so you can be sure of a sumptuous meal that suits you!

At the Palace Restaurant, you will enjoy privileged service, including priority reservation and access, by your butler who will be waiting to meet your wishes at every turn.

5. A direct journey to the idyllic islands of Southeast Asia

Idyllic islands located in the region often make an appearance in our travel wish lists, but they’re also less accessible to travel to, seeing as they’re not often well-connected to major airports.

A good example is Palawan, a natural paradise characterised by emerald seas and lush greenery that you’d only be able to access via a connecting domestic flight from Cebu or Manila.

Go on the 5-Night Coastal Gems of Asia I and save the trouble of taking connecting flights and boat rides to get to South Palawan and Kota Kinabalu.

Simply let Genting Dream take you directly to these places during the holiday season this June. That way, you’ll get to enjoy the dreamy blue waters and fun island activities, without all the hassle.

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6. Discover more of Southeast Asia in one trip

Cruises let you get the most out of your holiday, as you visit multiple destinations within a single trip. This means you’ll only need to unpack once, but derive a multitude of experiences around Southeast Asia!

It’s not hard to find a cruise itinerary that fulfills your desire to see more of Southeast Asia, especially when there’s a range of packages for you to select from.

Take the 5-Night Wonders of Asia for one, where you’ll be exploring Pulau Redang, Sihanoukville and Bangkok.

That makes a trip that spans Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand all at one go. It’ll be an adventure to remember as you go diving in Pulau Redang one day and visit the ancient temples of Sihanoukville the next, before heading to Bangkok to get some major shopping done.

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7. It may be cheaper than flying

Many are under the misconception that cruises are too exorbitant in cost, but they may actually be cheaper than flying!

Consider the fact that you’ll be saving on a considerable amount of money and time when you embark on a cruise, as you forgo the cost of multiple flights, airport transfers and ferries.

Furthermore, accommodation is already covered – you’ll be treated to the most luxurious staterooms, world-class amenities and even entertainment, which will make you realise how at the end of the day, it’s good value for money.

Travelling on Genting Dream makes cruising in Southeast Asia even more affordable!

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Ready for your next Southeast Asian getaway? The next time you start planning for your trip, remember how much more enjoyable and relaxing a cruise would be as compared to flying. Make new memories and discover new views of Southeast Asia on Genting Dream, all while having a blast with the exceptional amenities onboard!

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