A Sneak Peek into the World’s First Cruise Designed for Millennials

A Sneak Peek into the World’s First Cruise Designed for Millennials

Behold the first-ever millennial cruise that lets you sail through Europe with style.

Ahoy there, calling all 21 to 45 year-old adventurers! Ever had dreams of becoming a globetrotter until you realised that backpacking isn’t your kind of thing? Fancy exploring Europe differently, via experiential travel? If so, you’re in for a treat with U by Uniworld, the first ever river cruise brand specially designed for millennials.

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A brand conceived by Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection, U by Uniworld is now available for bookings so aspiring globetrotters aged 21 to 45 to experience nine enticing European itineraries beginning in April 2018. Forget boring cruises where you simply eat and sleep all day; U by Uniworld offers what it deems as immersive and adventurous itineraries which prove to be the seamless way to explore Europe from city to city.

With each itinerary spanning only seven nights, you don’t have to worry about having to take a lot of time off your job or studies to satisfy your wanderlust!

Here’s why this ‘luxurious version’ of backpacking’ is perfect for millennials: 

Goodbye jam-packed tours, hello flexible schedules

There are no set schedules and itineraries. You’re your own boss so feel free to decide what time to start the day and what you’ll like to do – whether its shore excursions and activities (think rock-climbing or checking out a Parisan rooftop!), or self-guided tours of the city.

Themed itineraries covering the best of every city

Dashing Through The Danube (Left), Germany’s Finest (Right) | Image credit: U by Uniworld

Specially designed for millennials in mind, the following countries have been specially selected: The Netherlands, France, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. Whether you’re up for Christmas market hopping in Hungary or indulging in pork knuckles and beer in Germany, this cruise caters to your fancies, with themed itineraries that spans 27 ports, six countries, and four rivers.

There are four eight-day itineraries which sail on the Rhine, Main, Danube and Seine Rivers. They are complete with overnight stops and longer stays in major cities like Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and Budapest.

Thinking of spending your Christmas or New Year’s Eve on board? There are three Super Cruise options which combine two or more itineraries into a 15 or 22 day bucket list journey, or two five-day itineraries for those who wish to experience the magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Europe. This also include a trek through a Bavarian forest to Passau’s Christmas Market, a Viennese “Taste of Christmas” excursion as well as an exclusive , classic Christmas concert in Klosterneuburg Abbey.

State-of-the-art rooms and amenities

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120 adventurous travellers can fit on both ships. The rooms don black exteriors and feature sleek interior designs with open communal spaces and rooftop lounges. Serving as a seven-in-one modern and fully equipped waterfront contemporary hotel, taxi, bar, restaurant, cafe, nightclub and yoga studio, these cruises ensure the balance between local authenticity and the comfort of home.

The cruise has three room categories – Suites, Balcony, and Studio, all of which equipped with stunning river views.

Exciting onboard activities – silent disco, mixology classes, and rooftop lounges

Don’t worry about being bored on board, for the cruise includes a variety of activities on board that are seemingly popular with millennials. They range from Wine & Paint classes to silent disco, cooking classes, yoga classes, and an array of nighttime entertainment such as Silent Disco.

Creative and customised dining experiences

With two meals a day included on board, millennial foodies can anticipate a creative modern dining experience, complete with numerous organic, vegetarian and healthy culinary options. Decide if you want to build your own pizza with fresh toppings, or indulge in a suckling pig pickin’ buffet. In addition, there is the free flow of water, tea and coffee included or the option to purchase alcoholic drinks, happy hour is now 24/7.

Free onboard Wi-fi

Millennials today always need to be connected 24/7 and are digital natives. You’ll be elated to know that there is free and super-fast Wi-fi on board, thus, you don’t have to be worried about being stranded in the seas, disconnected from loved ones. Time to binge watch Netflix till the wee hours!

Excited for this millennial cruise experience yet?

Information extracted from press release and content issued by U By Uniworld.

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