Eccentric Beauty Treatments Around the World: Semen, Poop and Snakes

Eccentric Beauty Treatments Around the World: Semen, Poop and Snakes

Fancy poop on your face or semen in your hair? Check out these 7 unconventional beauty treatments from around the globe that are sure to make you the fairest of them all.

If there’s one thing that is common among human beings in this huge, diverse world, it has to be this: we all strive to look good. The perception of beauty may vary, but the desire to look beautiful is innate and universal. However, what it takes to achieve beauty is debatable across the world. Here are some of the oddest and most questionable beauty treatments from around the globe:

1. Snail facial (Japan and UK)

Do you have dull and dry skin that makes you look perpetually tired and lethargic? Then this is probably the facial for you. It is easy on the skin, rejuvenating, wholly natural and most importantly, involves actual snails slithering across your face.

Image credits: NLab

The trail of mucus slime left behind by mollusc is claimed to contain anti-aging, hydrating and several other biological properties highly sought after in many of today’s facial products. Apart from encouraging the absorption of these beneficial substances, the slithering of the snails is said to feel heavy but cool and therapeutic on the skin.

If this is any comfort, these snails are not your average pests found in the garden – they are well-fed on an organic vegetable diet and bred carefully and safely before being left crawling freely on customers’ faces!

Image credits: NLab

2. Snake massage (Philippines, Indonesia and Israel)

Depending on the type of massage you sign up for, snakes of varied sizes are used to help you unwind. Snakes are all fed prior to this frightening treatment and some have their mouths taped shut as a safety measure. The constant sliding movements of these scaly masseuses around your body help to knead your muscles and relieve tensions on your body. Apparently, the adrenaline rush that is induced by the thrill (or fear?) promotes better full-body blood circulation and increases metabolism rates too!

But I say this beauty treatment is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

3. Geisha facial (UK) or bird poop facial (USA)

Speak of the term “geisha” and the image of a traditional Japanese female entertainer in full white face make up is immediately conjured in our minds. That’s almost like how you would look like during the geisha facial treatment – except that you’ll be covered in nightingale droppings instead of rice powder.

Natural enzymes and proteins found in the poop excreted by nightingales are believed to help increase the glow of your skin, resulting in a healthier-looking and fresh face. Rest assured that the droppings are first sanitised under ultraviolet light and then mixed with other benign ingredients like rice bran and water to mask the otherwise pungent odour, before being applied to one’s face.

4. Sand burial (Egypt and Japan)

If you are suffering from arthritis or rheumatism, this natural treatment is perfect for you.

Image credits: Ibusuki Net

Burying one under sand may sound a tad cruel, but this treatment is in fact extremely healing and restorative.  This ancient practice is based on the old Egyptian belief that stagnant water in the body is the main culprit of illnesses. Being buried in sand which reaches temperatures as high as 40 degree celsius helps to remove body impurities by ridding 3 to 4 litres of water in the form of sweat. In Egypt, the source of the heat comes from the blazing sun whereas in Japan, it comes from the natural underground hot springs.

Don’t forget to bring a friend to chit-chat with while you undergo this invigorating 30-minute therapy!

5. Beer bath (Czech Republic)

Image credits: BBC

Image credits: The New York Times

Who knew that there is something else that you can do with beer besides drinking it? Here’s one reason why you should get submerged in a pool of beer right now: dark beer is said to contain yeasts, grains and herbs, which are healing ingredients that will make your skin smooth and rid of toxins after bathing in it in ideal temperature of 30 degree celsius. While the actual benefits are ambiguous, the rich aroma of warm beer itself is rather therapeutic.

You can also chug mugs of beer while soaking leisurely in the tub of frothy alcohol. Talk about a relaxing bubble bath!

6. Vampire facial (USA)

Made widely popular by Kim Kardashian who had her procedure broadcasted on her television show, vampire facial is no longer a Hollywood secret to looking fabulous. And yes, the procedure is as sinister as it sounds – we’re talking about blood.

Image credits: Instagram

Also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy, this horrifying beauty treatment involves drawing more than just a few drops of the client’s blood from her arm (with a large syringe, not fangs). Concentrated blood plasma which is rich in platelets is subsequently extracted by a blood separation technique through spinning the blood in the centrifuge.

The plasma is then injected into your face.

Are you cringing in disgust? Here’s why celebrities are vouching for it: this therapy promises a wrinkle-free and youthful skin, the epitome of beauty in most parts of the world. Even though it’s painful, the plasma injected into your skin is claimed to be safe and produce zero side effects as it is a natural product of your own body.

Not sure about you, but I’m feeling really queasy.

7. Bull semen hair treatment (UK)

Utterly appalling, but beauty addicts go great lengths to make sure they have the perfect locks. Bull’s semen is mixed with the roots of protein-rich plant called katera and then rubbed into the client’s hair after shampooing. The hair is then put under heat to promote maximum penetration (pun intended) of the protein-laden potion into the hair. Apart from the unusual mixture, it’s really no different from a typical conditioning treatment. The end result? Thicker, voluminous hair that is full of shine.

Do you dare try any of these incredibly bizarre beauty regimens?

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