Why Travel is Like Being in a Relationship

Why Travel is Like Being in a Relationship

The exhilarating feeling, the frustrations, the lessons—these reasons are why travelling is pretty much like being in love.

Being in love is among the best feelings in the world. However, this magical feeling does not have to be totally dependent on another person. You can be on your own and be in love with everything: yourself, your family and your life, in general.

But, you know what will make you as happy, if not more, than being in a relationship? Travel! It solves all the bad feelings and gives you butterflies in your stomach all the same. And, considering that you are reading this article, it probably means that you are in love with travel too, one way or another.

So, go on and book a plane ticket to the destinations in your bucket list — and experience the euphoria every single time.

It takes you on a happy, thrilling ride

why travel like relationship

You know that exhilarating feeling each time you get on a plane, bus or train bound for an unexplored destination? That’s pretty much the same feeling you get when you realise you are starting to fall for a person. It’s hard to explain the jitters that you get inside but you love it anyway so there you are embracing everything new.

It makes you forget about everything around you

It’s easy to get lost in someone’s eyes when you are in a relationship and in love. And, when you’re on the road, taking every sight and sound you get at a new destination, you just forget everything. You forget all your worries about boss, your work, your responsibilities, tomorrow and your life, in general. Life is good as long as you’re on the road — and nothing else starts to matter or even make sense.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

why travel like relationship

In the beginning of every relationship, being away from your significant other becomes extremely difficult and painful. When you’ve found yourself bitten by the travel bug, you soon realise that there’s this hollow feeling inside of you now that you are just sitting in front of a computer, reading about other people’s travels. You miss wandering while you are on a trip but you miss it even more when you are home.

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It teaches you to compromise and make sacrifices

Just like in a relationship, travelling requires an investment of some sort. It can be time, money or even comfort, but any of these does not matter to you as long as you are able to go on your much-wanted getaway. You do your best to stretch out every single cent on your budget even if it means going for cheap food, transportation or accommodation. Then again, you realise, it’s these compromises and sacrifices that make the experience worthwhile.

It inspires and motivates you

There is nothing else in the world that can motivate and inspire you to work hard and smart than travel. After all, how else could you afford your plane ticket if you don’t work for it? You turn yourself into a money-making machine and you don’t mind because there’s a sweet reward at the end of it. Your significant other may be the first thing and last thing you have in mind…no wait, I think that time off by the beach, sipping on your favourite cocktails while waiting for the sun to set is something that has kept you going all this time.

It makes you overlook the bad things

Let’s face it. Travel isn’t for the faint of heart especially if you are on a budget. Even so, delayed flights, lost luggage and missed bookings do not necessarily root for those who have shallow pockets. Still, even with the bad things that are associated with travel, you tend to overlook it. Mostly because the postcard-perfect scenes at the end of the journey totally outweigh every bad experience you have. Perhaps, much like the last boyfriend that you dumped.

It changes your life forever

Relationships don’t always end up with happy endings but we all know that it touches and changes our lives at one point or another. You may have had a bad experience at your recent sojourn but it doesn’t mean you’ve given up. In fact, you still go on for a new adventure and use what you learned so you do not make the same mistakes again.

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It breaks your heart when it’s over

There is nothing else more emotionally painful than a breakup with someone you love. However, the degree of your emotional turmoil can pretty much be the same as when you go home after a long trip to worlds not known. Trips are heartbreaking when they are about to end and you wish that there was some way you could prevent the hotel checkout or the return flight from happening.

But it’s the only thing that can put you back together

travel like love

But really, the only thing that can help you bounce back from the heartache is to put yourself back there again, whether it’s in relationships or in travel. Nothing else will make your heart flutter again like a confirmed plane and hotel booking, a planned itinerary and a packed bag with everything that you need.

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