Why You Should Consider a Hiking Holiday For Your Next Adventure

Why You Should Consider a Hiking Holiday For Your Next Adventure

A hiking holiday does not have to be a test of endurance. Read why you should consider hiking on your next adventure!

A hiking holiday is some people’s idea of a wonderful time but for others it may be a bit of a hard sell. Some might feel that slogging along on two feet does not sound like their ideal vacation. But a hiking holiday does not have to be a test of endurance. A hike can be a gentle ramble or a full-on mountain adventure – you can do as much or as little as you feel like doing and tailor the hiking holiday to suit you, your fitness level, age and ability. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should definitely consider a hiking holiday for your next adventure, especially if you are the sort of person who would not usually consider a vacation of this sort:

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Hiking is Good For the Planet

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More and more of us are realising the necessity for greener and more eco-friendly travel. If we are to successfully navigate a future in which fossil fuels are increasingly scarce and we are facing the repercussions of global warming then we must be conscientious about the way we live and that includes being conscientious when it comes to how we travel. By hiking rather than taking motorised transport while on holiday we are having only a minimal impact on the environment and are not contributing to the emission of greenhouse gases and worldwide pollution. Hiking is a far more sustainable way to get around without taking a toll on our planet.

Hiking is Good For Other People

When we ditch the car and travel on two feet instead, we are making life better for local people living in the communities we pass through. By taking our time we are better able to meet and connect with other people, we will take the time to use local services and buy local food and other products, helping to make tourism more sustainable in those areas and helping communities around the world to become more self-sufficient. Since we are not travelling by car, we are also ensuring that life is more pleasant for locals, as they do not have to contend with as much traffic nor as much air pollution. Of course, by having only a minimal impact on the environment, we are also doing our part to preserve it so other people can also enjoy it now and in the future.

Hiking is Good For Wildlife

Hiking is slow, steady and quiet. When we travel on two feet we are able to move through an environment without destroying the habitat or disturbing the wildlife. This is good for us because we can hear the birdsong around us see the animals and of course it is good for the wildlife, which can simply go about its own business, largely undisturbed. In a world where so many creatures are endangered and so many species are facing extinction, taking a hiking holiday is one way to appreciate and preserve what we do have left and ensure that we are doing our bit to preserve the diversity of flora and fauna in nature.

Hiking is Good For Your Physical Health

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This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but taking a walking holiday is great for our fitness levels. Even if you are just strolling along, the movement will still be doing you a world of good. We were not meant to be sedentary and our modern lifestyles often leave a lot to be desired. Many of us sit at a computer screen all day and a TV screen in the evening and in spite of our best intentions, do not get as much exercise as we should. Even starting small, every little helps and hiking is so enjoyable that, actually, it does not feel like exercise and rarely becomes a chore. Helping with stamina, toning and strengthening, a good hike can really make you feel great.

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Hiking is Good For Your Mental Health

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It is not only your physical health that will improve when you choose to take a hiking holiday. Hiking is also great for your mental health and well-being. Travelling slowly and being surrounded by the wonders of nature can be very soothing. Walking can be a healing process that can be like a salve, helping you to put all of your problems into perspective, find solutions, think through options and where change is not possible, to simply accept. A hiking holiday gives you valuable space and time – commodities that, all too often, can be difficult to come by in the modern world.

Hiking Can Take You Off the Beaten Track

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Mass tourism is a scourge on the planet. When too many people all cram into one spot they use up too many resources, they scar the earth and create all sorts of problems in the local environment and for local people. But this is a big planet and you do not need to be a sheep. You can get off the beaten track and discover places few people have even visited before. Why be part of the mass tourism problem when you can forge your own path and better still, escape all the frenetic crowds and find peace in the great outdoors in some of the world’s most beautiful places? A hiking holiday can give you the chance to do just that.

Hiking is Good For Your Wallet

If you need yet another reason to take a hiking holiday, it is worth considering how much cheaper a hiking holiday can be than other options. Especially if you take the chance to travel independently, a hiking trip will save you on transport costs during your holiday. It can also save you money on your accommodation and food costs, since you are likely to be hiking in more rural locations and rural accommodation options and shops tend to be cheaper than those in cities. While hiking, you will often be able to camp and camping is not only a lot of fun, it is also one of the cheapest ways to spend a night away from home.

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