Why Travel Insurance Is Important

Why Travel Insurance Is Important

Thinking of skipping the insurance? Think again. Here are 3 strong reasons why travel insurance is a huge must on your travels.

Travel insurance is often left forgotten along with the sunscreen. We however think it is the most essential item on your trip. We give you top 3 reasons why travel insurance should be the first thing you pack! Asians love to travel, whether it’s a weekend in Bali or a holiday further afield. Perhaps because of our close proximity to a multitude of vacation spots and the ease in which we can take a weekend trip to Thailand or a mini break to Malaysia, travel insurance is often left forgotten. However, those who haven’t been so lucky in their travels and experienced more than what was on the itinerary, will tell you that travel insurance was the best money they spent. Apart from the obvious misfortunes that can befall happy go lucky travellers, like lost luggage, ill health, and serious accidents to name a few, here are the top 3 reasons travel insurance should be the first thing you pack:

1. Emergency, Medical & Hospital cover

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This is the first and most important reason to buy travel insurance. Even the ‘safest’ of travellers can find themselves in a car accident or a severe case of food poisoning. Medical expenses can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is the last thing you want to be worrying about when facing medical treatment.

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2. Lost Luggage

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Whether parted from your luggage for a few days due to airline incompetence, or parted permanently from your brand new ipad/laptop/MP3/smartphone because someone else thought they needed it more than you, the cost of buying travel insurance is easily outweighed when it comes time to replace your favourite possessions. Even if your luggage is returned to you, some insurance policies will cover you for the clothes and toiletries you had to purchase while waiting for your suitcase in an expensive city.

3. Cancellations & Lost Deposits

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Did you know that you should buy your travel insurance as soon as you start booking your holiday? Good travel insurance policies also cover you for flight/trip cancellations & lost deposits. Ever had to cancel a reservation and still had to forgo the non-refundable fee? Travel insurance, if bought when you start booking your holiday can cover you for changes in travel plans, such as missing a connection flight, or worse still, being out of pocket for a holiday you weren’t able to take.

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How do I buy travel insurance?

With so many different providers and different levels of cover, it can be hard to know which policy to buy. Always read the cover summary and frequently asked questions on the website, and phone the company to be sure you’ve chosen the policy that’s right for your kind of holiday. Tip: Use insurance companies that are direct to the public. If you go through a broker or a travel agent, they will add their commission, making the policy more expensive.  

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