What Happens When Your Greatest Love is Travel

What Happens When Your Greatest Love is Travel

When you are in love with travel, you are in love with the world. Change is constant, life is exciting and your heart is always wide open.

What happens when your heart tells you that travelling the world is the greatest thing you will ever do and that no person, cause or desire will never rouse in you quite the passion that you feel when you travel around the globe? Some people might try to tell you that you are selfish, misguided, even foolish – people might try to tell you that your constant wanderlust means that you are missing out on something and that you will regret not “settling down”. On the contrary – those people just don’t know how lucky you are!

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Your heart is always wide open

When your greatest love is travel, your heart is wide open. Rather than loving narrowly – one person in one place at one point in time – you can love the whole world. Travellers love meeting new people, they love embracing new cultures, having new experiences and learning new things. They love change. They love diversity. Travel has taught me that it is in this very diversity that we can see more clearly the common humanity that we all share. Through appreciating how we are different we are ultimately brought to an understanding of how we are the same and how we are all connected within a greater whole. Travellers are the very best at loving the world and all there is in it.

Your life becomes a lot more exciting

When we stay in one geographical location it is very easy to become staid and conservative. We can stop looking forward and instead retreat into our comfort zones and get stuck in a rut. Travellers love seeing new places and doing new things. Those who love to journey around the world also love “new”. Loving newness allows us to use our imaginations to conceive of a better future, and can make those who love travel key in the striving towards a better and more sustainable future. We can embrace new ideas, do new things, innovate and recreate in all sorts of exciting and un-dreamed-of ways.

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You embrace change

Travellers like no others are able to embrace change. Being adaptable is a great strength – like a great tree that bends in the wind rather than breaking, we who love to travel and constantly want to move on are able to weather any storm that comes our way. We can also be the greatest at creating the change that is needed. This means that we can be in the vanguard when it comes to transitioning to a future that is best not just for ourselves but for the whole of humanity and for the whole of the planet. Our travel has opened us up to the world of possibilities and shown us what can be achieved.

So if you are a traveller with a yearn to see the wider world and anyone ever questions your ability to love due to your constant desire to move on – tell them just how wide, comprehensive and useful your love actually is.

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