Weirdest And Wackiest Superstitions Around The World

Weirdest And Wackiest Superstitions Around The World

Superstitions and lucky charms are universally beloved. Who wouldn’t want an extra bit of luck in their life? Here are some of the best practices around the world.

Ever felt like something just wasn’t going your way this past CNY during your blackjack or mahjong sessions? Drew yet another 15? Don’t fret. If the red underwear or other rituals weren’t working, check out some of the lucky actions and quirkiest superstitions around the world from the infographic that created. Maybe these will help you when you need it most.

Among the highlights:

  1. This might sound like it is taken from a badly written joke, but in China, babies are repeatedly insulted with mean names. Apparently, this is done to trick evil spirits into thinking that the baby isn’t actually a baby and so they will leave the bawling kid alone! It’s a small price to pay for the devil to leave your precious baby alone I suppose.
  2. “Break a leg” is an idiom in English used to wish a person good luck before a significant event or performance. The French, with their flair for the dramatic, have outdid us and took it to its extreme. Je te dis merde translated reads “I wish you s***!”, but has the same meaning as its idiomatic English cousin.
  3. In Soviet Russia, if a bird poops on you it is considered a sign of imminent good fortune! Only in Soviet Russia…

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Click here to view the full image on Let us know which one is your favourite! The crying baby? Funny, that’s our favourite too!

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