6 Travel Tips for VTL Trip Planning

6 Travel Tips for VTL Trip Planning

Guide to your first VTL adventure!

With the recent announcements of new Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), you would likely have been bitten by the “travel bug”. But before you scramble to book your flight tickets and escape from Singapore, here are six must-know travel tips for your first-ever VTL trip. 

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Flight tips

1. Purchase red-eye flight tickets

red-eye flight

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While the terminology of “red-eye flights” may sound like a turn-off, these flights are actually on the radar of travellers who do not mind spending their night snuggling in the comforts of their airplane seats.

As tourists wish to explore as many attractions as possible within the given time constraints of their flight bookings, these red-eye flights will help travellers start their trip immediately after immigration or upon receiving their negative post-arrival PCR test results. 

Thankfully, many long-distance VTL flights are red-eye flights! With most VTL flights operated by Singapore Airlines, simply input your destination on their booking portal and you will see that flights with the VTL tags usually take off at opportune times.

Whether you are looking to have breakfast in Itaewon or bask in the morning sun on the beaches in Malé, red-eye flights will ensure that you get to start your adventure well-rested and ready for exploration.

2. Compare budget vs full-service carriers

travel flight tips

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You may be able to survive a two-hour flight on a budget airline, but have you ever thought of being on one for more than six hours? It is always important to ensure that you recharge on a long flight, so why not consider topping up for an enhanced experience? 

The onboard in-flight entertainment and meal services guarantee that you will never be bored or hungry. With some VTL flight routes operated by multiple carriers, do compare the rates to avoid missing out on reasonably priced full-service carriers.

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Transportation tips

3. Use a transport pass to save on your commute

transport travel tips

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Commuting on public transport while travelling overseas may be convenient, but it’s not necessarily the cheapest option, especially if you’re paying for single journey tickets in the local currency. Instead, we recommend looking into transport passes that either offer discounted fares or unlimited usage.

Thankfully, most VTL countries offer exactly that! These transport passes are often available for purchase at tourist information centres and station offices. Passes are usually valid for a few consecutive days but are sometimes restricted to certain routes in different localities and zones.

With this, you do not have to limit your bus and train travels as your transportation shall no longer burn a big hole in your wallet.

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4. Arrange for transport charters (Thailand and Cambodia)

charter transport

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It may sound counter-intuitive for a free-and-easy trip to have this, but sometimes a bus charter will make your trip more flexible and adaptable to changes! Some attractions may be situated in different counties or provinces which will require long-distance transport options. 

When travelling in groups, you can charter your bus or minivan to get to your destination and have the seats all to yourselves. With that, you have just secured your own “party bus” to ride through various provinces.

Accommodation tips

5. Reserving with “free cancellation” accommodations

accommodation travel tips

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Imagine booking your accommodation only to find a better deal a few days later. What a nightmare it would be to miss such an opportunity! Fret no more for this tip shall help turn that frown upside down.

While accommodations with free cancellation are often pricier than their non-refundable counterparts, these options allow you the flexibility to book a better option without worries. What’s more, as a fun tip, when your travel plans are finally set in stone, you can then cancel the pricier, free cancellation option and opt for a non-refundable one. In this way, you can save costs and ensure that your accommodation will always have a room reserved for you.

Given the volatility of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a smart option that travellers can consider should there be any last-minute changes in travel plans.

6. Store your luggage at the hotel or at designated storage locations

baggage travel tips

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Who’s with me when I say that the hassle of having to pack or unpack your luggage is a cumbersome process? With increased safety protocols imposed, many travellers are planning to city hop to maximise the VTL. 

However, while the luggage stores everything you need for your travels, its bulky size often poses an inconvenience for those who are constantly on the move. Thus, look out for accommodations that offer complimentary luggage storage services before check-in as these would help in reducing your burden while on the go. 

You may even be given early check-in access to your rooms that provide you with some respite before you continue on your adventures. Alternatively, you can deposit your bags at luggage storage locations or lockers at train or bus stations and retrieve them after a day of sightseeing. Considering that you won’t need to lug your bags around, this tip makes every dollar worth it.

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Take these tips to heart, grab your passports, and get ready to explore the world. Enjoy your VTL travels to the fullest!

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