Vietnam Borders Might Reopen to Foreign Tourists Starting March 2022

Vietnam Borders Might Reopen to Foreign Tourists Starting March 2022

Yet another Southeast Asian destination we’re raring to visit again!

This year might have been off to a bumpy start, due to the surge of COVID-19 Omicron cases. But in recent weeks, we’ve seen more and more countries easing travel restrictions, in hopes of further reviving the tourism industry. The latest news? Vietnam might welcome back all international travellers soon! 

When will Vietnam open borders for tourists?

Vietnam borders reopen

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After nearly two years of being closed to the rest of the world, Vietnam is eyeing fully reopening borders starting 15 Mar 2022. Additionally, they’re also looking at lifting most of their travel restrictions. This comes three months earlier than planned, as the country initially targetted to reopen in June 2022. 

Their tourism ministry released the announcement on 15 Feb 2022. They will soon release a detailed plan on how Vietnam borders shall reopen, which follows similar steps that other Southeast Asian countries have taken. 

According to Reuters, the proposal will include a mandatory one-day quarantine for all international arrivals, as well as two negative COVID-19 tests (pre-departure and upon arrival). 

Other Vietnam travel updates

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Vietnam is no longer limiting the frequency of international flights since 15 Feb 2022. Eligible visitors are currently required to self-isolate for three days and present the usual health-related documents. 

At the start of this year, the country has already resumed regular flights with these countries: Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.  

However, the number of flights to other countries will still depend on the regulations of local authorities, according to their Civil Aviation Authority. This means that the number of incoming flights will depend on travel agreements that Vietnam will establish with other nations. 

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Will we be seeing you once Vietnam borders reopen? As of writing, approximately 80% of the country’s population have been vaccinated against COVID-19. 

It will soon join the ranks of other Southeast Asian countries that reopened to all international travellers, such as Thailand and the Philippines

Featured image credit: SimonDannhauer via Canva Pro

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