Intriguing Video Footages Of North Korea Caught on GoPro!

Intriguing Video Footages of North Korea Caught on GoPro!

Follow Singaporean photographer, Aram Pan, and see what’s North Korea really like. It’s time to take a good look at the world’s most secluded country.

When this 22 minutes long video showing the city of Pyongyang, North Korea was released on the Internet, I thought it was just another boring video looking at the cars, the people, and the streets.

On closer look, I realised I was wrong.

Officially permitted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to produce this footage, Aram Pan has given a new perspective to North Korea that even the photographs cannot give.

This video isn’t like the DMZ travel stories about the North Korean soldiers that you might have known. This video has embedded an intriguing insight into the life of North Korean that I’ve never noticed.

Before I spoil the fun, check out the video and see if you can find them!

1. No traffic jam or accident

The pathetically empty road is, no doubt, the first thing you’ll notice. I could only guess that traffic jams are at the bottom of their list of things to worry.

2. Where’s the road sign?

Traffic ladies in North Korea play an important role in regulating traffic during rush hour

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I am in awe of Aram for his complete faith in the driver. Other than their famous traffic ladies, there is no road sign anywhere on the road! Do all North Korean drivers have a mental map to help them navigate their way?

3. No advertisement, only propaganda

Typical propaganda posters you will see along the road

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Instead of the fanciful advertisements that you always come across in cities, you’ll only see patriotic banners every few kilometres down the road. How’s that for a change? On hindsight, that’s pretty eerie as well.

4. Litter-free country

You’ll never find litters on the streets of Pyongyang

Notice the street is clean and litter-free, but the dustbins are mysteriously missing? That’s because North Koreans barely have litters to throw. In North Korea, spotting litters on the floor is as good as picking up gold. The North Koreans earn money by collecting trash. Plastic bags can be sold at black markets and students are required to submit litters at school on a regular basis.

5. Cross the road as you wish

Have you noticed the absence of two very important people in this video? Throughout the video, the green man and the red man are nowhere to be seen. There are traffic controllers here and there, but looks like the pedestrians are used to crossing the road as and when they think is safe most of the time.

6. Pathways everywhere!

There is a pathway at the side of the expressway. In fact, there are pathways everywhere! A further evidence that most North Koreans either walk or cycle rather than drive.

Have you spotted anything else that I haven’t? List them down here!

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