Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Gift Ideas for Your Travel Addicted Partner

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Gift Ideas for Your Travel Addicted Partner

Stuck on V-Day shopping? Have a look at our guide - you might just get the stroke on inspiration you need!

Right, if you’ve clicked onto this article, chances are either one of you (or both!) is an avid traveller, and you want to wow your special someone with a V-Day’s gift perfect for their frequent travel. Plushies, bouquets, and those really expensive Belgian chocolates that caught your eye on your last visit to the mall are not bad ideas, but why not think a bit more out of the box to make it a memorable one? 

We’ve got your back with this list of 9 Valentine’s Day travel gift ideas, ranging from the pragmatic to the luxurious. But one thing’s for sure – your significant other will definitely be packing it for their next adventure!

1. Zojirushi Spill Proof Travel Mug (S$35.00)

Image credits: Zojirushi

An essential for the coffee or tea addicted. The Zojirushi Travel Mug is a perfect solution to a need for your favorite caffeine infused drink anywhere, anytime. The vacuum insulation means that it can keep your beverage piping hot for hours on end (6 hours is their official claim)t. The pop-open lid is designed to stop leaks and spills, and opens with just a push of the locking button whenever you might feel the need for a sip. 

The wide opening of the mug is designed for you to drop full-sized ice cubes if you’d prefer a refreshingly cool drink instead, and once you are all done, the whole mug comes apart for you to do a thorough cleaning!

2. Pocket Coffee Bean Grinder ($S90.00)

Following on from the drink-inspired gifting, if your significant other is especially concerned with having the freshest cuppa every morning, consider a travel coffee grinder! Without coming down too harsh on instant coffees – yes, there are nice ones out there – it seems like such a shame to have to leave the best at home.

Image credit: Rob-Bentley

The Porlex Mini Grinder is the one we recommend. Though it may be the smallest hand grinder on the market (it’s smaller than a coke can!), it doesn’t compromise on quality, and is durable enough to take on a camping trip! With a capacity of about 20g, it will make you two cups of good coffee, and for those in the know, the ceramic burrs will give you a consistent grind every time. Just pop it into your travel bag and you’re good to go.

3. Foldable Travel Duffel Bag (S$75.00)

Image credit: The North Face

Have you ever been on holiday and you just wanted to buy up all the souvenirs, only to be limited by your normal luggage? Fear not, the folding duffel bag is the answer to all your additional capacity needs! There are quite a few on the market, but we quite like this highly compressible large duffel from The North Face. It’s one of the smallest foldable travel bags, and is hugely practical as a backpack-duffel hybrid. Going to great lengths to make sure you don’t exceed your baggage limit too, The North Face utilised 30 percent lighter fabric in the bag’s construction. The bag has removable shoulder straps and top-grab handles so you can carry it any way you like, as well as an external zippered pocket and stretch-sleeve pocket for quick access.

4. Instax Camera (S$135.00)

Image credit: Instax HQ

Now this is a gift that really anyone would like to have. It isn’t an ordinary camera by any means, and is more of a hark back to the good old days when you could “shake it like a Polaroid picture”. You take a picture with the camera, and out pops the film from the top of the camera! As it is an instant film, you just have to wait a minute or so for the image to appear. Watching your photo emerge from the milky chemical broth inside the film is a certain blend of delayed gratification that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the best way to get memories on a trip to stick on your travel wall – or hand out prints there and then to your friends and family! 

5. Portable Luggage Scale (S$16.00)


Image credit: Camry Scale Store

For travellers who like to keep things light, and a bathroom scale is nowhere in sight, this handy portable luggage scale might just be what they need! The Camry Luggage Scale is made from a durable plastic, and has an adjustable luggage strap that will fit the handle of any suitcase in your arsenal. 

The scale has a maximum weight capacity of 50.0kg, which should be far more than enough for anyone – I can barely lift that weight myself! The LCD readout locks after a The included tare function makes weighing up your suitcase easy, all you need to do is weigh the empty bag, hit the button, and you can now weigh the contents individually. And lastly, at 90g, it is light enough to take along and avoid paying extra for overweight baggage!

6. FOR HER: Kate Spade Passport Holder (S$120.00)


Image credit: Kate Spade

Thrill your partner by adding a touch of sophistication to their travel kit. The Kate Spade Spencer Passport Holder is furnished from a supple saffiano leather, finished off in a crosshatched pattern to better resist the wear of travel. The iconic logo is subtle and small on the front, while the strong branding continues on the inside with a custom Capital Kate logo print fabric. 

Image credit: Kate Spade

The passport holder is practical too, offering an open card slip pocket for your credit cards, and the tanned leather interior will keep your passport crease-free. Who said passport holders had to be boring?

7. FOR HIM: Orient Polaris GMT Watch (S$900.00) 

Image credit: Orient USA

For the man who is always on the move, it helps to have a timepiece that can keep up. Now, modern smartwatches are well capable of this task, but if you want to give them something that will last for years to come, you might want to consider surprising them with a trustworthy mechanical watch instead. The Orient Polaris GMT should fit the bill nicely, with an automatic winding movement meaning the watch is powered by the movement of the wrist – no batteries needed. The crisp blue hands stand out against the stark white dial, making for great legibility at a glance. 

But of course, the raison d’etre of this watch is the 24-hour GMT chapter ring. As a GMT watch, you are easily able to set the extra fourth hand of the watch to the timezone of the world you are in, while still maintaining the normal display of home time. A dressy watch for any outfit, matched with a clean, practical design for the modern jet-setter. Mmm, classy.


8. Elemis x BA Centenary Traveller Collection (US$95.00)

Image credit: Elemis

A long haul flight can leave many drained and haggard, but not to fear! British skincare brand Elemis has collaborated with British Airways to bring you the essentials to freshen up your skin (and yourself!) after hours in the sky. In celebration of British Airways’ 100th anniversary, the collection includes many of Elemis’ best sellers, and is only available as an online exclusive. As an added bonus, the supplied clear pouch is ideal for chucking right into your hand luggage, and the volumes of the included bottles are mindful of most airport security limits. Not a bad way to arrive in style, we’d say.

9. DJI Mavic Air (S$1,299.00)

Image credit: DJI

Aspiring content creator? Budding travel photographer? Just indulging in your nerdy side? No matter what your bestest travel buddy in the whole world might be, the DJI Mavic Air will definitely delight. A folding, compact drone, the Mavic Air was designed with travel in mind, and combines the best of the top of the range Mavic 2 Pro with a more consumer friendly body. Snap aerial selfies, get amazing panoramic shots, and record your escapades in 4K high resolution with the Mavic Air – and the 20 minute battery life should give you plenty of time to do just that.

Image credit: DJI

Not keen on bulky controllers clogging up your sleek travel kit? No worries, the Mavic Air can run off your phone with the DJI app. The SmartCapture mode even allows you to fly the drone with your hand gestures! Talk about a cool travel gadget!


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