Shoot Your Shot, But Safer: Vaccine Stickers Debut on Dating Apps

Shoot Your Shot, But Safer: Vaccine Stickers Debut on Dating Apps

One app even offers incentives to those who use the new feature.

You don’t need to be a vaccine czar to know that “vaccinated” posts are the hottest social media trend in 2021. But it’s not just people showing off their vaccination cards on various platforms (which is probably the worst of them all); vaccine stickers are also now being used to open up safe dating opportunities through online dating applications.

In August 2021, Singaporean users of Tinder became among the first to try the app’s vaccine stickers. “Members can advocate for their potential matches to get vaccinated by adding interactive new stickers to their profile. Stickers include “Vaccinated,” “Vaxing Soon,” “Immunity Together,” and “Vaccines Save Lives,” Tinder said.

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Why vaccine stickers on dating apps are important

The new feature on Tinder came after a survey revealed that a significant number of its users showed interest in only meeting people who are already inoculated against COVID-19. Among those who don’t have their shots yet, they can also show that they at least support vaccination efforts and how it can bring safety to the world once more.

Tinder said that vaccine stickers are a response to the growing number of “vaccine” mentions within the app. For this, it cited users from the United States (U.S.), where the app is based. “Mentions hit an all-time high in April, the first month that all adults in the U.S. were eligible to receive a vaccine,” it added. Since then, more members have been using their bio “as a way to share their intention to get vaccinated.”

Before Tinder, there was Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Hinge, which share similar sentiments on pushing vaccination among their users. Bumble even offers incentives for those who take advantage of the feature. “To show our gratitude to those adding the ‘I’m Vaccinated’ badge — and taking their safety and that of their matches seriously — we’ll give you one free SuperSwipe to help you stand out,” Bumble shared.

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Adding vaccine stickers on dating apps also has downsides. Tinder and Bumble clarified that vaccination statuses are self-reported. Meaning, people can use the said features without verification from either company. Still, vaccine stickers certainly help in getting the word out, about being more responsible, via dating sites.

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