Perth & Beyond: 6 Sights in Western Australia to Explore

6 Best Sights in Western Australia, From Coastal Wonders to National Parks

It’s time to venture beyond the capital city! 

Sights in Western Australia know no limits: from the capital city of Perth to hopping on a land tour or road trip where a plethora of coastal wonders and national parks lie. 

Not to mention, the country’s largest and world’s sunniest state is also perfect for all types of travellers. Whether you’re venturing solo or in a group, and whether you’re looking to relax or embark on an adventure, Western Australia has it all! Here are some of the best attractions in Western Australia to visit, no matter the season. 

Fun fact: Western Australia is the only Australian state that shares the same time zone with Singapore.

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sights in western australia

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Must-visit sights in Western Australia

1. Lancelin Sand Dunes

sights in western australia lancelin

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If you’re along Indian Ocean Drive, make a pit stop at the small fishing town of Lancelin. As a coastal town, it thrives as a crayfishing industry; however, many also travel here for its massive sand dunes. 

Let your inner child come alive as you cruise down Lancelin Sand Dunes! The terrain here is smooth, so you can rent a 4WD (four-wheel drive), sand board, or quad bike, and challenge your friends to a mini-race — even as a beginner. 

Prefer not to break a sweat? With no high-rise buildings around Lancelin Sand Dunes, you can even come just to enjoy and capture a photograph of the stunning sunset (approximately 6pm). 

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 2. Margaret River

margaret river vineyard

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Nothing says a road trip like heading to one of the best sights in Western Australia: Margaret River. You’ll find some of the country’s most spectacular wines and vineyards here, along with bed and breakfasts and farmers markets — so that you can stay in this town for a night or two. 

sights in western australia

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Hike towards the nearby vantage points — Surfers Point and Margaret River Mouth Viewpoint — for a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Here, you’ll get to spend an afternoon at a beach and watch surfers coursing clear waters. 

Fun fact: Margaret River — just a three-hour drive from Perth — is also one of the best places in Western Australia for whale watching! The town boasts an impressive six-month period for this fun activity, from Jun to early Dec. 

Unwind in Margaret River

3. The Pinnacles

western australia attraction the pinnacles

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Say you’re travelling upwards to the north of Perth (that is, away from Margaret River in the south); make sure you stop at The Pinnacles. This sight in Nambung National Park dates back to 25,000 to 30,000 years ago when the sea receded and the terrain was subject to coastal wind erosion. Today, what remains are The Pinnacles: limestone formations that vary in height — some soaring to as high as 3.5 metres! 

Driving — whether on a 2WD or 4WD — is the ideal way to discover how big The Pinnacles really are. Simply pay an entry fee of AU$15 per vehicle, and stop anywhere to admire the clear skies and serene landscape. 

western australia attraction the pinnacles

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While this attraction in Western Australia is already incredible in the day, come after sunset for a truly otherworldly sight: the Milky Way galaxy brightening up the night sky. Just make sure you leave by 9pm when the national park closes for the day. 

Marvel at the Pinnacles

4. Penguin Island

Since most road trips in Western Australia begin in Perth, be sure to head to Penguin Island while you’re still in the city! 

Home to the largest population of birds in Western Australia, Penguin Island can be accessed by boarding a boat from the main island in Rockingham. For an added adventure, you can even kayak or swim to get there; however, do note that walking across the sandbar is strongly advised against due to erratic weather. 

The activities at this Shoalwater Islands Marine Park attraction go beyond seeing the approximately 250 penguins (and even pelicans) roaming the island. Visitors can snorkel and swim in the crystal clear waters, have a beach picnic, or explore one of the many nature trails or sea caves.

Editor’s note: Penguin Island is currently closed for the penguin breeding season from now until 15 Sep 2022. However, since bookings are available in advance now, you should still bookmark this island as a must-visit sight in Western Australia when summer returns! 

Meet adorable wildlife

5. Koombana Bay

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Enrich your time overseas by spending time in a residential area — that is, where hidden gems are plenty and tourists are few. 

In the port city of Bunbury, no place is as picturesque as Koombana Bay. It’s an attraction that thrives with bottlenose dolphins and waterfront cafes, and where people gather at the beach for a picnic, barbecue, swim, or volleyball session. 

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You’ll also find vantage points like Bunbury Lighthouse and Marlston Hill Lookout not too far away, letting you admire a panorama of the town and ocean over the horizon. 

Pro tip: If you’re hungry, head to the local Coles supermarket for a variety of Australian food and beverages as fuel for your road trip. 

6. Busselton Jetty

busselton jetty

Image credit: Tourism Western Australia

Lastly, you can’t leave Western Australia without adding perhaps its most Instagrammable sight to your gallery: Busselton Jetty. The longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere and second longest in the world, this landmark measures at 1,841 metres long; walking from one end to the other (and back) will take around 40 minutes! 

busselton jetty

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This 157-year-old attraction in Western Australia is free to explore on two feet; but, for a truly immersive time here, purchase the Jetty Day Pass. With this, you’ll need to set aside an entire day to access diving, fishing, or swimming — worthy of the extra money, if you ask us! 

On the other hand, if you’d prefer not to break a sweat, you can purchase a ticket for a train ride to the end of the jetty and back. Rest assured, all proceeds go towards the maintenance of the jetty, so that this landmark will remain one of Western Australia’s most iconic.  

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With so much to see and do, we understand that you might not know where to start. Hopefully, this has inspired you to not only book a trip to Western Australia (just a 4.5-hour flight away from Singapore), but to discover all that lies beyond Perth. 

Fun fact: Foodies will also be happy to know that Western Australia is the largest black truffle producer in the southern hemisphere.

Truly, Western Australia promises to be a treat for both your eyes and taste buds. So, what are you waiting for? 

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