Turkey Entry Requirements You Should Know Before Your Trip

Turkey Entry Requirements You Should Know Before Your Trip

Excited to add this to your revenge travel bucket list this year?

Update as of 31 May 2022: Turkey has removed all entry requirements related to COVID-19.

With more relaxed COVID-19 restrictions and travel requirements, surely, you can’t wait to kickstart your travel journey once again. Already planning your much-awaited trip to the Land of Four Seasons? Keep on reading to know more about the Turkey entry requirements before you go!

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Who can travel to Turkey?

The Turkish government does not prohibit any nationalities from entering the country. However, it does place restrictions on who may enter based on the visitor’s departure point despite being open for tourism. Those coming from “high-risk countries” are prohibited from entering. Those who wish to travel to Turkey can check the latest eligible countries list here

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Pre-arrival Turkey travel requirements to take note of

All foreign visitors need a passport valid for at least five months, and a valid visa or an approved e-Visa to enter Turkey. Now, citizens from over 90 countries can obtain the e-Visa online. Eligible travellers can request an online Turkish visa and visit the country for up to three months. 

Vaccine certificate with two doses of COVID-19

All visitors need to present a vaccine certificate with two doses of any COVID-19 vaccine. Be sure that your second shot is administered at least 14 days before your scheduled arrival. Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients can do away with a second shot as one dose is more than enough. 

Completed “Travel Entry Form” before arrival

Turkey has introduced a new health declaration form to control the spread of COVID-19. All overseas visitors travelling to Turkey must complete the Entrance Form before entering. Here, details such as contact information and travel details must be provided. More information about the Turkey Entry Form can be accessed here

Negative PCR or antigen test result prior to flight

In some cases wherein individuals do not have their vaccine shots,  it is more than enough to present a negative COVID-19 test result. That said, recognised swab tests are PCR and antigen testing. A PCR test should be accomplished within 72 hours prior to your scheduled flight. On the other hand, a rapid antigen test must be done within 48 hours before boarding. 

Passengers under the age of 12 are not required to undergo PCR or rapid antigen testing. Additionally, presentation of a vaccine certificate will not be mandatory upon arrival. For more information on this, visit the official Turkish Airlines website for updates. 

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Things to remember during your stay

In Turkey, all establishments and places of interest are already open to the public. As of 2 Mar 2022, the Turkish government has lifted the requirement for wearing face masks in public spaces like restaurants, museums, and markets. Wearing of face masks is only compulsory when riding public transportation and in crowded places with poor air ventilation.

Prior to flying to Turkey, wearing face masks must be observed all throughout the duration of your flight and when entering the airport. While there is still a need to minimise infection rates, we highly recommend keeping your mask on at all times wherever you go. 

turkey entry requirements

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We bet you’re already excited to step foot into the majestic peninsula of Turkey! Must-see attractions like the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the swooping rock valleys of Cappadocia await you.  Beyond tourist spots, there are certainly more things to look forward to on your visit to Turkey — such as authentic Turkish cuisine and savoury delicacies. For a guaranteed smooth and safe COVID-19 travel, be sure to keep these Turkey entry requirements in mind at all times. Cheers to more adventures! 

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