10 Unique Food Experiences in Australia That You Need to Try

10 Unique Food Experiences in Australia That You Need to Try In Your Lifetime

Dine 50 metres above the ground or even in the middle of a desert!

Say ‘Australian cuisine’ and it’s likely that no definitive image will come to mind. Certainly, the Land Down Under is perhaps less known for its food than its unique wildlife and gorgeous coastlines. Yet, believe it or not, Australia’s culinary scene features a rich range of eclectic eateries and fine haute cuisine restaurants, boasting a trademark style influenced by the continent’s varied aboriginal and colonial societies.

With a complex, if not troubled, history embedded within its startlingly diverse local fare, there’s certainly more than just famous landmarks or metropolitan cityscapes to discover on the continent. Come savour indigenous bush foods and barbecued meats with these ten dining experiences that prove that there’s nothing quite like Australia!

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Melbourne has a longstanding reputation as the culinary capital of Australia. With a range of great eateries sporting a myriad of cuisines from across the globe, Melbourne’s exciting dining scene is definitely a point of pride for its residents. Here, expect to find homespun favourites and revolutionary fusion styles at various price points; from exquisite gastronomic experiences to comfort budget options, Melbourne has something even for the fussiest eater.

Of course, no mention of Melbourne can be complete without a nod to its renowned coffee culture — even the connoisseur will be swamped by the number of reputable cafes and fine brews available in this city!

1. Microflite Penguin Parade

Microflite Penguin Parade to Philip Island

Image credit: Microflite Instagram (left), ExperienceOz (right)

Phillip Island is one of Victoria’s most popular destinations for a short day trip, no thanks to the daily parade of adorable penguins waddling home for the evening. Microflite elevates this Island experience to high luxury gear with its helicopter charter services.

An Island tour begins with a memorable helicopter ride over the spectacular coastline of Melbourne and the Port Phillip Bay. Landing on Phillip Island, you’re invited to dinner at one of the Island’s finest restaurants, before embarking on a private tour and exclusive meet-and-greet with local celebrities: the fairy penguins.

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2. Attica

An acclaimed restaurant which numbers among the nation’s finest, a meal at Attica is truly an unparalleled dining experience. Committed to transforming indigenous aboriginal fare into haute cuisine, the hefty price tag guarantees an essential Australian dining experience, with an exclusive menu crafted around traditional bush tucker ingredients. Expect dishes delicately prepared with kangaroo and emu meat, black ants (for dessert!) or bunya bunya, among others.

Where: 74 Glen Eira Rd, Ripponlea VIC 3185, Australia

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Lying several miles away from Australia’s big-name state capitals in the East, Perth’s dining scene is easily overshadowed by Sydney’s hatted restaurants or Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture. But what laid-back Perth offers remains true to its easy-going, bohemian character: defined by contrasts, dining experiences in the city range from quirky pop-up initiatives to superb Swan Valley wineries and Margaret River’s craft breweries.

3. Stranger Danger Dinners

It’s high time to throw caution to the wind and sign up for a mystery dinner with Stranger Danger Dinners in Perth. As its name suggests, the initiative brings eight complete strangers to dine at a common table, encouraging a night of spontaneous conversation and laughter that — with fingers crossed — will not end with murder.

Macabre jokes aside, the powers-that-be at Stranger Danger Dinners are friendly and helpful as faceless poltergeists can be. Dinners are arranged in snazzy restaurants with a diverse group of attendees, all checked out to ensure that everyone at the table are indeed, strangers.

To attend one, private message the group on Facebook (they currently go by a pseudonym named after a certain Brit pop singer) with your available dates and personal information, and they might just reply you with an invite!

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4. The Indian Pacific – Great Southern Rail

The Indian Pacific - Great Southern Rail

Image credit: Great Southern Rail

Crossing the whole breadth of the continent, a train journey on the Indian Pacific from Perth to Sydney is a unique travel experience unto its own. Travelling along long stretches of straight rail, the path takes you right through the wild heart of Australia: think abandoned mining towns scattered across the Outback, the arid plains of Nullarbor and the lush greens of the Blue Mountains.

The Indian Pacific - Great Southern Rail Dining

Image credit: Great Southern Rail

While you hurtle onwards to the edge of the Pacific Ocean in the east, settle down for dinner in the train’s elegant restaurant cars and tuck into local gourmet delicacies, such as saltwater barramundis and grilled kangaroo fillets.

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Iconic Sydney is not just famous for its national landmarks but is also well-renowned for coastal fine-dining at its numerous ‘hatted’ restaurants — the Down Under equivalent of the Michelin star. But if you’re looking for quintessentially Australian experiences without quite breaking the bank, here are some options to consider.

5. WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo Breakfast with Koalas

Image credit: WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Not your usual dining guests, Aaron, Jay, Erica and Elle will likely be chomping down on eucalyptus leaves while you help yourself to a buffet at the WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Indeed, this breakfast with the koalas will be sure to kickstart your morning off in the best way possible — settled in a bush garden lined with gum trees for the animals’ comfort, the entire experience allows you to get up close and personal with Australia’s iconic critters as you dine away at this premium attraction.

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6. Balloon Aloft

Hot Air Ballooning in Hunter Valley

Image credit: Balloon Aloft

You’ll definitely want to be on a hot air balloon as morning breaks over the picturesque Hunter Valley. At 2000 feet in the air, the sweeping vineyards make for a spectacular sight, coming together in a quilted sheet of rolling fields stretching out as far as the eye can see.

Peterson House Hunter Valley

Image credit: Peterson House

What better way to finish off this travel experience than with a glass of the region’s sparkling wine or champagne at Peterson’s House? Pair them with various breakfast selections featuring assorted local greens, fruit and yoghurt.

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While contemporary Australian cuisine places heavy emphasis on rediscovering native and indigenous ingredients, food staples in the country are derived from British and Irish migrant traditions representative of Australia’s colonial past.

Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa in London

Image credit: Absolutely London

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The new kid on the Eastern block, Brisbane is upstaging its coastal cousins with a bustling cityscape and a subtropical climate that makes for balmy temperatures and perfect skies. Innovation is the catchword for the city’s ambitious restaurants, all poised to take the nation’s already keenly established dining reputation to even greater heights.

7. Gauge

Gauge, South Brisbane, Australia

Image credit: Gauge

Brunch-serving cafe by day and fine-dining restaurant by night, Gauge’s sleek interiors are perhaps matched by the minimalist plating of its culinary combinations — its famous black garlic bread with brown butter and burnt vanilla is not only a delightful dessert but is also exquisitely perfect for an Instagram flatlay.

Gauge, South Brisbane, Australia

Image credit: Gauge Instagram

Among other inventive dishes prepared with seasonal produce and spices, there stands out the gruesome-sounding blood taco, served with mushroom stuffing paired with bone marrow.

Where: 77 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia

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8. Spirit of the Red Sands

Not quite your usual cultural show, Spirit of the Red Sands is an informative foray into Australia’s tumultuous colonial and aboriginal histories staged through interactive theatre and a unique dining experience.

The special of the day is surely local fare served with a side of cultural knowledge and historical context — you’ll be seeing that hot Aussie damper with bush dukkah in quite a different light after the show. Complete your enriching evening with succulent skewers of crocodile meat and helpings of lemon myrtle cheesecake.

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All Around Australia

9. Fervor

Fervor, Pop-up degustation in Australia

Image credit: Fervor

A pop-up degustation experience with a strong emphasis on sustainable dining, Fervor is a nomadic initiative that hosts sporadic events scattered all across the fields of Western Australia.

Fervor, Pop-up degustation in Australia

Image credit: Fervor

The folks here believe that knowing how your food is sourced makes for a better meal, partially accounting for the deep respect they pay to the culture and heritage underlying the local lands on which their events are hosted. From insect grub to boab tubers and bush bananas, Fervor’s ever-changing menus reflect the initiative’s heavy regional focus.

Check out their event schedule and book tickets here.

10. Dinner in the Sky

Suspended several floors off the ground, Dinner in the Sky affords a high-flying (literally) dining experience with stunning views of Australian cityscapes. Lunch and dinner menus are crafted with reference to the culinary scenes of individual cities, ensuring that you’ll be having your fill of both the city skyline and its gastronomic delights.

While several countries sport a similar initiative, Australian cities are built around some of the world’s most beautiful natural waterways — a dinner in the sky will be a sure testament to that!

Check out their event schedule and book tickets here.

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