Seoul Hacks 101: 5 Useful Travel Resources You Can’t Do Without

Seoul Hacks 101: 5 Useful Travel Resources You Can’t Do Without

Trust us, you're going to need these.

Planning a trip to Seoul, Korea can be intimidating – how will you know where to go or what to do in a foreign country where you don’t even speak the native language? What if you… get lost? The horrors! However, don’t let this deter you from visiting; Seoul is an amazing city to explore, especially with the help of some travel apps and websites!

These 5 useful travel resources will surely make your upcoming trip to Korea that much easier. You’re welcome!

Navigate around Seoul with the ‘Subway Korea’ app

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Trust us, this app is a lifesaver. However well-connected, it’s indisputable that Seoul’s subway lines are an absolute maze. There are so many lines and so many colours that it’s a headache just to look at them all! Despite all this, mastering the subway lines may very well be the key to a seamless trip – your Seoul trip can pretty much literally start, and end, with the subway.

Considering the metropolitan city’s heavy traffic, it’s definitely better to commute via public transport. Arm yourself with the ‘Subway Korea app’, which is the ultimate guide for Seoul’s subway lines.

The app provides the timetable for each station and even the location of the train in real time so that you know how long you need to wait. It also gives you the exit information with a map of the surrounding area, as well as the estimated travel time from one station to another. Don’t underestimate the importance of this exit information – each subway station has numerous exits, some of which are rather far from each other. It’s essential to know which exit is located closest to the attraction that you are trying to get to! The best part about this app is its offline nature – you’ll be able to use it even without an Internet connection!

Plan your day trips out of Seoul with ‘

In contrast to Seoul’s public transport, you might encounter difficulties maneuvering Korea’s inter-city transport, especially when you’re looking to take day trips to small cities and towns from Seoul. Save yourself the headache and check out, which is a one-stop portal for discounted attraction tickets, tours and transport! Here are our top picks:

Take your pick from a myriad of activities, tour packages and transport options. The site provides alternative transport options to famous destinations around Seoul that tourists may find hard to reach on their own. Choose from day trips that bring you to Everland, to Nami Island + Gangchon Rail Bike + Garden of Morning Calm, or to Nami Island + Petite France. Plus, everything is in English – score! They even have a Trazy Customer Center that operates from 9am to 7pm (KST) on weekdays, where the customer service operators speak fluent English as well.

Trawl through the website and discover lots of great discounts and opportunities for unique experiences that are only offered by You might even be able to snag packages that are going for more than 50% off, such as the Seoul Land One Day Pass. The NANTA Show in Seoul is also going for more than 30% off. Another really cool thing to do is to customise your own ring in Hongdae, which you can get at a 40% discount when you book your slot through!

In contrast to other Korean online merchandisers who don’t usually provide PayPal or international credit card transactions, you’ll be able to utilise both on We love the detailed instructions laid out on the website – within each package, they have details on how to book, what to keep in mind and even why this package can suit your interests. To top all that off, the website also provides valuable information such as directions on how to get to the most popular destinations of major cities in Korea.

So let be your guide for activities in and around Korea. You’ll even be able to save lots of money whilst you’re at it!

Discover yummy food hideouts in Seoul with the ‘Mangoplate’ app   

Korea is an absolute foodie’s paradise, and to not eat to your heart’s content during a trip there would be a sin! Not only does the country have a large variety of food (think: kimchi stew, samgyetang – ginseng chicken soup and countless side dishes), specific types of food vary with the region as well. Doenjangjjigae (Soybean Paste Soup), for example, comes in many different variations depending on which part of South Korea you are in.

The thing is, many local restaurants don’t provide much information, in English, with the exception of the touristy areas in Seoul. Enter the ‘Mangoplate’ app, which will give you all the information about food places around you! You can even filter your selection by price or by variety. If the place you’re visiting doesn’t come with an English menu, simply bring up the app and show pictures of your desired meal to the waiter/waitress. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words!

Find everything you need to know and more about any food establishment with Mangoplate – address, opening hours and even user reviews for you to make an informed choice.

Learn basic Korean for travellers with the ‘Learn Korean: Phrases & Words for Travel in Korea’ app

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It may not sound like much, but knowing a few Korean phrases will go a long way. Koreans are, by nature, a little more reserved and often find it hard to communicate in a language other than Korean. Koreans will greatly appreciate you trying to speak their local language, and even short greetings like “Annyeonghaseyo!” (Korean for “Hello!”) will be enough to get them to open up. At times, you might even receive compliments for your efforts!

Download the ‘Learn Korean: Phrases & Words for Travel in Korea’ app before your trip to learn some basic expressions. These will come in handy for greetings, socialising, bargaining in shops, ordering your food in restaurants or even for emergencies. In the app, each Korean word is accompanied with a recording made by a native Korean speaker. You can practice reading and listening to the various Korean phrases. Test your skills with the locals and you never know – this might even help you be well on your way towards a holiday romance in Korea! If you’re travelling solo, this might make for a good conversation starter as well.

Get help 24/7 with the Free Tourist Hotline

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Believe it or not, the Korea Tourism Organisation actually offers a FREE 24/7 tourist hotline that functions much like a concierge service. The hotline operators are fluent in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese, and can help out with pretty much anything! All you have to do is to dial 1330 and ask any questions you have – be it on bus schedules, attractions in the area, directions to a place, or even about Korean history and culture.

The operators on the other end are highly knowledgeable, and will even look up your question on the Internet if they cannot give you an answer off the top of their heads. The best part, however, is that the hotline offers assistance in English – they are able to give you clear directions to the nearest station should you be lost in an unfamiliar part of Seoul. As the tourist hotline connects to other essential hotlines such as the local Emergency Rescue Service, you can also use it to call for help in case of an emergency.


So the next time you visit Korea, make sure to utilise all of the above travel resources for a seamless and fuss-free trip – you’ll be an expert in no time!

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