Visiting Madeira: This Portugal Region is Now Open to Vaccinated Tourists

Portugal’s Madeira Waives COVID-19 Testing to Vaccinated Travellers

Itching to bask in the warm Atlantic sun?

Planning on visiting Madeira, A.K.A. the stunning Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean? Good news: It’s waiving COVID-19 testing requirements for travellers who are vaccinated and meet the country’s entry requirements! The Madeira Promotion Bureau has described this new development as a “vote of confidence in this new phase the world is going through.”

Requirements for travelling to Madeira

visiting Madeira

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Foreign visitors must prove their status through an official vaccination certificate that includes dates of the two doses taken, as well as the immunisation period for each vaccine. Madeira is also exempting anyone who can show proof of recovery from COVID-19 in the previous 90 days. 

As for travellers who aren’t vaccinated yet, they are also allowed to visit as long as they meet Madeira’s entry requirements. However, they will have to present a PCR test carried out within 72 hours prior to boarding their flight. Another alternative would be taking the free test at the airport upon arrival, and then quarantine until results become available.

All documentation must be submitted in English to the app before the trip is taken. You can find out more about entry requirements for visiting Madeira here

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Madeira has reportedly vaccinated over 22,000 local residents as of writing. The local government also expects to have immunised 60-70% of its population by the end of 2021.

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Nicknamed the ‘Islands of Eternal Spring,’ Madeira is a well-loved destination for those craving an idyllic subtropical paradise. Those visiting Madeira often make a beeline for its volcanic landscapes, rugged coastline, botanical gardens, and the region’s very own Madeira wine! 

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