A Traveller’s Ultimate Wishlist of Things That Won’t Come True

To Dream the Impossible Dream — A Traveller’s Ultimate Wishlist

Bye-bye visas and travel tax. A traveller can dream, right?

There’s a good side and a bad side to everything — and that definitely applies to travel.

Travellers get to enjoy just about every corner of the globe, so much so that we know how awesome exploring the world is. But we also know how there are still a lot of things we wish were true when it comes to travel. To put it kindly, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

As far as travel experiences go, some of the things we wish were true seem almost impossible. So here’s us dreaming aloud with a traveller’s ultimate wishlist. Wouldn’t it be swell if…

1. We had a visa-free world

Or at least we’ll have friendlier visa applications for all countries. We all know how some passports are more influential than others. Passport power is very real in this world, and this makes the joy of travelling but a distant dream for some people.

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There’s definitely a political side to travel, too. We just wish that it could be as open as we want it to be. After all, we travel to see the world.

2. Transportation by land, sea, or air is eco-friendly

It’s no surprise that air travel isn’t actually environmentally friendly. In fact, it’s a notorious source of toxic gas emissions. The same goes for cars and modern boats, although a few eco-friendly alternatives have surfaced the past few years. So maybe this might come true one day.

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3. Fuel surcharge and travel taxes are waived

Ahhh, travel tax. We know there’s no way we can strike it out because it contributes to the growth of economies, but it could be lower. The same goes for fuel surcharge. Do you know how much you pay for gas that fuels your flight? Check your fare’s breakdown next time you book a trip.

4. We enjoy free baggage allowance and spacious plane seats…

…on every flight! Some budget airlines are able to offer low fares because they take out basic perks like complimentary baggage allowance. Some aeroplanes are cramped. But a flight is truly only a steal if it comes with an attractive price tag plus all the perks of its more expensive counterparts. Sounds too good to be true? This is a traveller’s ultimate wishlist, after all.

5. All conflicts come to an end

Conflict not only affects travel. It affects the state of any nation. This might sound like a beauty pageant answer, but yes, of course all travellers want an end to all conflicts. Open borders and world peace — sounds good to me.

6. People at airports and tourist spots respect the rules… and personal space

I love my personal space. And I make sure I respect others’ personal space as well. So a cramped airport with people making more contact than expected is just plain annoying to me. I also don’t get people who can’t seem to follow BASIC rules like “no littering” and “get in line.” Honestly, if you can’t follow rules like a dress code for certain tourist spots, then you don’t deserve to travel. Yes, we went there; shots fired.

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7. We could get to any destination in just two hours

Since this is a traveller’s ultimate wishlist, then we’ll say it out loud: We wish we could get to any destination on Earth in just two hours. Do we travel at the speed of light? Do we use teleportation pods? We don’t know, but it sounds great.

But the more realistic way of putting it is: We wish all flights were on time, every time.

8. Airlines and travel companies would be accountable for every delay and cancellation

Actually, I wonder why this isn’t a reality yet. It all boils down to shabby customer service. WHY CAN’T THIS BE TRUE?

9. There were no more queues anywhere

This might be too much to ask for, but it just sounds so ideal. But in the spirit of respecting delayed gratification and all the great values it teaches, we’d line up for things we love any day. We just wish other people would, too.

10. Local food stalls are more accessible…

…than fast food restaurants. We’d love to support local anywhere in the world, but the problem is accessibility. Given the change, most travellers would love to try local food and purchase local handmade items. If only they were easily available all the time…

11. We live in a world where travel isn’t a luxury

Let’s be real: Travel is a luxury. Even if we use buzzwords like “budget-friendly” and “backpacker-approved”, travel remains a luxury in most parts of the world. The truth is, it’s not a basic need. So if we were to dream our wildest dreams, we’d love a world where travel was accessible to all people.

12.  We encounter the friendliest immigration officers on Earth

Who else here thinks that immigration officers are on a mission to creep us out every time we go through them? I mean, would it hurt to smile a little?

13. We have free and convenient airport transfers to city centres in all places

We’re paying for travel tax anyway, so might as well demand that it goes to features that will make travelling more convenient. Free airport transfers to and from city centres sound pretty good.

14. We have traveller’s lounges with nice facilities spread across each city and town

I’ve always wondered why there seems to be a shortage of traveller’s lounges. And I mean lounges where we can freshen up, take a nap, or even leave our baggage for a few hours. Sure, some airports have those, but you usually have to pay extra.

15. We have currencies and exchange rates that don’t fluctuate as often

Sometimes, exchange rates can get confusing. And yes, planning and saving ahead will save you the trouble of having to go for rates that won’t give you the best deals. But we can dream, right? If we can wish for world peace, we can certainly wish for better economies and healthier exchange rates.

What about you? If you were to dream your wildest travel dream, what would you wish for? Let us know what else we missed on this traveller’s ultimate wishlist.

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