New Zealand: Reliving Memories to Reignite Our Love for Travel

New Zealand: Reliving Memories to Reignite Our Love for Travel

What are your favourite #NZMemories?

From 2 May 2022, New Zealand is set to reopen its borders to quarantine-free travel for fully vaccinated Singaporeans and travellers from other visa-waiver countries and territories. So, with just a little over a month left to go, let us take a trip down memory lane to remind ourselves why we fell in love with the destination in the first place!

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A collective craving felt across the nation is the desire to travel again. With this, comes the chance to roam and be spontaneous. | Image credit: Ali Saadat via Canva Pro

For those of you who’ve been to New Zealand, it’s time to flick through your old photos and videos and plan a return visit! In time, you’ll get to enjoy the amazing spectacles of nature, unique wildlife encounters, and adrenaline-pumping adventures. Not to mention, the warm welcome of the Kiwi people might even mean a chance to experience their rich and diverse culture. 

For those of you who haven’t been? This is the perfect opportunity to fuel your wanderlust and start planning your own adventure to The Land of the Long White Cloud! 

To help you with your plans, here are some of the best holiday memories our local Singaporean personalities have to share from their trips. Hopefully, it’s just the New Zealand travel inspiration you’ll need. 


new zealand south island

Jamie and her husband at Milford Sound in 2018 | Image credit: Jamie Yeo

One of Jamie Yeo’s (@iamjamieyeo) favourite #NZMemories was on a trip with her husband four years ago. The pair explored New Zealand’s South Island from Queenstown to Milford Sound, where they enjoyed stunning sceneries of mountains, lakes, fjords, and forests. 

In her own words, “What I’d look forward to most is sitting with a cup of tea looking out at Mother Nature at her most majestic, and feeling… PEACE!”

milford sound new zealand travel

Milford Sound, Fiordland | Image credit: Tourism New Zealand

Situated on the west coast of the South Island (hours from the nearest town), Milford Sound is where plunging cliffs and raging waterfalls meet inky dark waters. Famously described by Rudyard Kipling as the ‘eighth wonder of the world,’ Milford Sound was carved by glaciers during the ice ages. Put simply, this is New Zealand’s wild side at its absolute best. 

hooker glacier lake new zealand travel

Rozz’s trip to New Zealand in 2017 | Image credit: ROZZ

Back in 2017, Singaporean actress and host Rosalyn Lee (@heyrozz) brought her first pair of hiking shoes to hike Hooker Glacier Lake in Christchurch, Canterbury. Just imagine a “diamond crusted beach” with icebergs floating across the lake; this is how Rozz described the mesmerising landscape. 

Hooker Valley, Canterbury | Image credit: Tourism New Zealand

Aoraki or Mount Cook National Park is a rugged land of ice and rock; walk along one of the many tracks here to experience the ancient landscape. The trail leads up to Hooker Valley along the Hooker River. You’ll end at the glacier Hooker Lake, where you can relish amazing views of Aoraki/Mount Cook on a clear day. 

The track involves crossing three swing bridges — letting you encounter picturesque icebergs, glaciers, and majestic mountains that will have you reaching for your camera at every turn.



new zealand skydiving

Christabel experiences skydiving in New Zealand | Image credit: CHRISTABEL

If adventure-seeking is something you’ve missed, you’re definitely not alone. Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly) still fondly looks back on her exhilarating skydiving experience above the Abel Tasman from an altitude of 16,000 feet (or five kilometres) high! 

new zealand skydiving

Xenia experiences skydiving in New Zealand | Image credit: X E N I A

Joining her in the rank of the thrill-seekers is Xenia (@hotcheekylace), who also made the leap of faith during her trip to New Zealand in 2020. She recalls how she was so nervous, that she spelled “Singapore” wrongly while filling in her pre-jump forms!

New Zealand’s magnificent landscapes take on an extra dimension when you’re thousands of feet in the air. Skydiving in Queenstown or Wanaka allows you to look at the vastness of the Central Otago high country to the snow-capped mountains surrounding the iridescent lakes. 

At the other end of the country, Lake Taupo has the largest commercial drop zone in the world with stunning views of volcanoes, forests, and the lake itself. Along the way, you’ll get to soar over the Bay of Plenty region, where gleaming waters and geothermal wonders await you. 

Truly, what better way is there to take in the amazing views of New Zealand than from thousands of feet above it all?  

Bungee jumping

Steeped in Kiwi spirit is another item on every daredevil’s checklist: bungee jumping! Just take a look at one of Jaime Lee’s (@jaim) memories from her travel to New Zealand in 2020 that she’ll remember for a lifetime. Here’s a preview of her time there; even as a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Jaime says that this activity was on a whole other level. 

Jaime’s Kawarau Bridge bungy jumping experience in 2020 | Photo credit: Jaime Lee

Taking the plunge off Kawarau Bridge, Jaime’s bungee experience was truly authentic being in Queenstown, aka the Adventure Capital of the World. Fun fact: Kawarau Bridge has even been hailed as the birthplace of adventure tourism in New Zealand! 

Add that to the nearly 30 years of AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand operations, and it only makes sense that you’re in for one of the most exhilarating experiences in the country. 

new zealand bungee jumping

Taupo Bungy | Image credit: Tourism New Zealand

AJ Hackett Bungy continues to hold its place at the cutting-edge of global adventure tourism. In addition to its bungee experience, it also offers giant swings, bridge climbs, zip rides, and Sky Tower jumps.

Which of these experiences will you check off your bucket list first when you travel to New Zealand?


Following her trip to New Zealand with her husband in 2017, one of Jade Seah’s (@jadeseah) most cherished memories remains her time at the Hobbiton Movie Set in Waikato. 

new zealand hobbiton

Hobbiton Waikato | Image credit: Tourism New Zealand

The guided tour started with a drive through the picturesque 1,250-acre sheep farm with spectacular views across to the Kaimai Ranges. As a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, Jade recounts the experience like she was really part of the set; when she was given lanterns to walk around the set at night, it was as though she was looking for Frodo and his mates. 

Jade’s visit to Hobbiton in 2017 | Image credit: Jade Seah

Transporting visitors to Middle Earth since 2002, the Hobbiton Movie Set features the lush rolling hills of The Shire where you can wander past Hobbit Holes and have a drink in the Green Dragon Inn.

Experiencing Māori culture

Jade’s trip in 2017 was also made extra special as she had the opportunity to visit Whakarewarewa Village — the home of the Tūhourangi Ngāti Wāhiao people — where she learned about their unique way of life. 

More than just a tourist attraction, Whakarewarewa Village is the actual home of the tribe and is open for visitors to experience their culture and heritage.

Whakarewarewa – The Living Māori Village | Image credit: Jade Seah

Indeed, Whakarewarewa – The Living Māori Village is just one of a range of indigenous cultural experiences across New Zealand. After all, the hundreds of tribes throughout New Zealand steeped in the deep and rich Māori culture are an integral part of the country. 

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Traditional Māori greeting | Image credit: Tourism New Zealand

What are your best #NZMemories? With travel to New Zealand a possibility for Singaporeans just around the corner, it’s time to start making some new ones! 

Visit the official New Zealand website to start planning your trip now.

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