Top 13 Beaches in Japan You Should Definitely Visit

Top 13 Beaches in Japan You Should Definitely Visit

We've got the ultimate list of best beaches in Japan, from Okinawa to Hokkaido. Take your pick of emerald white-sand beaches for an idyllic getaway.

A perfect combination of blue sky, white sand and the vast blue sea is what people want from the perfect beach vacation. Despite having a huge coastline, Japan has been mostly devoid of beautiful beaches. Although few in number, if you take a closer look, Japan is blessed with some very beautiful beaches that might leave you mesmerised when you visit them. Here we have prepared a list of top 13 beaches in Japan that you should definitely visit:

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1. Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyakojima, Okinawa

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Also known as the Maibama beach, the Yonaha Maehama Beach in Miyakojima is a perfect beach spread over a vast area of 7 square km. You can also camp here and get the early morning dip in the turquoise blue water.

2. Tokoro District, Hokkaido

Image Credit: Chris Lewis

Tokoro District in Hokkaido is blessed with some really beautiful beaches that you may like to visit. This place is also blessed with some really beautiful coral grass colonies that are another tourist attraction.

3. Nishihama Beach, Hateruma-jima Taketomi-cho, Okinawa

Image Credit: Chen Qu

The Nishihama Beach is a truly serene beach that would leave you speechless. You will be greeted by hundreds of fishes as soon as you enter the sea.

4. Kondoi Beach, Hateruma-jima Taketomi-cho, Okinawa

Image Credit: Ajari

Yet another stunning beach in Yaeyama-gun, Kondoi Beach is known for its clear waters with no jellyfish in it. Also, the facilities on the beach are great.

5. Aragusuku Beach, Miyakojima, Okinawa

Image credit: Ippei & Janine Naoi

If you are in love with corals, Aragusuku Beach is the place for you. The corals are located behind a reef making the water calm most of the times.

6. Aharen Beach, Tokashiki-son, Okinawa

Image Credit: Dan

Just 10 minutes bus ride from the Tokashiki airport, Aharen Beach is blessed with crystal blue-greenish ocean water, white sands, greeneries and lots of fishes. A very clean beach to visit that is also very quiet.

7. Yonehara Beach, Ishigaki, Okinawa

Image Credit: cotaro70s

Yonehara Beach is the most popular unofficial beach of Japan. Also famous for its coral reefs, Yonehara beach is a huge tourist attraction. It also has a campsite, which makes it even more popular.

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8. Hatenohama, Kumejima-cho, Okinawa

Image Credit: Nyon Nyon

A quiet and peaceful beach with very few people around, Hatenohama Beach is a true example of splendid work of nature. The sand is pure white and the sea looks at its best around this beach.

9. Sunayama Beach, Miyakojima, Okinawa

Image Credit: Martin Haesemeyer

The landmark feature of Sunayama Beach is the arch-shape rock formed by the waves crashing over the coral wall over years. Located at a distance of just 4km from the main city of Miyakojima, this is one of the popular tourist destinations that you should definitely visit.

10. Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, Ishikawa

Image Credit: Berobeeman

This is apparently the only beach in Japan where you can drive along the coast. The main feature of this place is the casual stallholders that sell delicious grilled food.

11. Shirahama, Wakayama

Image Credit: Henry Burrows

Shirahama is also known as the most sacred beach in Japan owing to its location that is between Kumano Pilgrimage and the divine mountain of Koya. On the left side of the beach is one of Japan’s oldest hot water springs, Saki no yu Onsen.

12. Emerald Beach, Okinawa

Image Credit: Alexandre Courbot

The beautiful Emerald Beach is over 500 m long and is closed by a massive reef. This also makes it Japan’s only beach lagoon.

13. Yumigahama, Tokyo

Image Credit: Izu navi

Yumigahama is a posh beach located on the Izu volcanic peninsula that was formed by the eruptions by Mt Fuji. This beach has a number of small harbours and resorts.

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