Time Lapse Video Captures Beauty of Travel Through 44 Days of Walking

Time Lapse Video Captures Beauty of Travel Through 44 Days of Walking

Simply by moving, one can tell a compelling story. This one-minute short film of a man travelling will capture your attention and more importantly, your heart.

Moving – one of the simplest concepts around, one that we learn from the youngest of ages. It’s also the essence of travelling, which this video translates really well and showcases the beauty of travel.

Over the course of the video, Andrew keeps walking forward, never back. He also seems to be walking toward his destination, but never seems to arrive.

Perhaps it speaks of how travelling is a continual, ever-changing process. It keeps changing, places and destinations are always changing, and therefore the journey to move never really stops.

He momentarily lost his sense of direction and went the wrong way.

Not just walking, he jumps too!


Towards the end of the lapse video, Andrew finally grasped the concept. He gets right up to the camera, only to turn around and start walking away, as if he’s realised that there’s yet more moving to be done.

In a similar vein, the video pushes across the larger, more symbolic message that one will never be done with travelling. There are always new places to be explored, always new experiences to be had, the big beautiful world we live in is too vast to fully cover. And that’s the real beauty of it all, the fact that travel is able to constantly wow us with the perpetually new and novel to keep us on the “hook” indefinitely.



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Nicholas Teng

A firm believer in the concept of the grass is always greener on the other side, Nicholas has therefore been chasing the greener grass for the longest time. So far it has remained tantalisingly out of reach, but with time on his side, he hopes that one day the greenest grass will indeed be found.


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