The Addams Family Rebooted Into a Live-Action Series by Tim Burton!

Tim Burton Is Rebooting The Addams Family Into a Live-Action Series!

It will be told from the POV of Wednesday.

This is probably the timeliest news in the month of Halloween. Tim Burton is set to reboot the well-loved Addams Family franchise into a live-action series. The Addams Family was created in 1938 by cartoonist Charles Addams and rose to fame through the ‘60s TV sitcom and ‘90s movie adaptations. Many will remember The Addams Family for its spooky and semi-morbid comedy that somehow appealed to many audiences across the world. 

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Whether you were a fan of Gomez and Morticia’s unadulterated public displays of affection or Wednesday and Pugsley’s death-defying tricks, The Addams Family surely left an impression on you as a kid. And even now, the thought of seeing this gothic family come back to life on the telly piques our curiosity!

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If Tim Burton directs the series, it would mark his debut as a live-action television director. We wouldn’t mind seeing how this could turn out, especially considering Burton’s record with fantasy and gothic horror films like Edward Scissorhands and Dark Shadows, to name a few. According to Screenrant, there are no further announcements on the series’ distribution platform but Netflix is keen to pick it up. Aside from that, we know that Tim Burton’s Addams Family will be set in present-day and told from the point of view of Wednesday Addams. Wednesday will also be portrayed as the show’s central protagonist. (Wednesday fans have permission to freak out now!)

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Much of the details are still being kept under wraps, including the casting. But one thing’s for sure, the future cast members of The Addams Family series have big shoes to fill! Which actors do you think will be the perfect fit for this iconic spooky family?

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