10 Unique Things to Do in Phuket for a Beach Vacay Unlike Any Other

10 Unique Things to Do in Phuket for a Beach Vacay Unlike Any Other

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Undoubtedly, Phuket is amongst the most beautiful resort islands in Southeast Asia. To add to its allure, it has reopened to vaccinated travellers without the need to quarantine. From tucking into aromatic Thai dishes to unwinding on the beaches, there are a plethora of things to do in Phuket. 

For travel-starved individuals like us, we’re certainly on the lookout to quell our wanderlust by exploring the Pearl of the Andaman Sea in a way unlike any other. That’s why we rounded up a list of unique things to do in Phuket for a fun-filled beach vacay. Trust us on this, you’ll want to visit this Thai utopia soon! 

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Add these unique things to do in Phuket to your Thailand bucket list

1. Escape to the hidden gem that is Tri Trang Beach

One of the unique things you must do in Phuket is to check out its beaches. With a myriad of unending strips of sand that lie along cerulean blue ocean, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. But for a novel experience, check out Phuket’s best-kept secret: Tri Trang Beach!

Tri Trang Beach, which lies further off Patong Beach, offers beach-goers the right amount of seclusion. Mostly untouched, powdery white sand and dazzling emerald waters are the highlights here. Take in spectacular coastal views while soaking up the sun at the many open spots on the beach. Additionally, rejoice in activities such as swimming, parasailing, and snorkeling. The best part about this far-flung place is that it’ll feel like your very own private hideaway! 

2. Attend a Thai cooking class

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With its heavenly marriage of sour, sweet, creamy, and salty, it’s no wonder Thai cuisine is so popular. But instead of just savouring a sumptuous Thai repast, why not attend a cooking class to kick things up a notch? You can learn what gives it its distinguishing aroma and flavourful layers. Better yet, attempt to recreate them in your own kitchen some day. 

Acquire hands-on experience rustling up authentic Thai food at Phuket Thai Cooking Academy. Under the guidance of skillful chefs, you’ll select one dish to master from the different categories including, soups, curries, and stir fries. From preparing your own fresh ingredients to exploring different methods, you’ll whip up a feast comprising all your favourite dishes. The cherry on top: sweeping views of the mountain peaks as you cook up a storm

3. Get an adrenaline rush at Tarzan Adventure Phuket

Nestled in a mountaintop forest in Panwa, a zip line that zooms over Tarzan Adventure Phuket’s landscape awaits you. Get your fill of lush greenery and glistening ocean vistas as you soar like an eagle at full speed across the 17 varying zip lines  — each promising an equally awe-inspiring outlook.

Not rip-roaring enough? Overcome other gravity-defying obstacles such as the 15 wood bridges, two rope walks, and one climbing wall. They are a great way to boost your self-confidence while immersing you in nature. Plus, you can put your worries to rest thanks to the top-notch equipment available. Of all the unique things to do in Phuket, this is sure to get your heart thumping!

4. Conquer Laem Krating (Krating Cape) Viewpoint

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Image credit: Thawitar

Fringed on the southwest of Phuket, Laem Krating Viewpoint treats you to unobstructed panoramas of the Andaman Sea — a photographer’s dream come true! We’re talking about softened hues of the sea in the day and brilliant stars illuminating a velvet canvas at night. 

There are several ways to get to the Laem Krating Viewpoint. One of which is by setting off on your journey from Krating Resort Phuket, an earshot from Ao Sane Beach. Walk along the rocky cliffs until you end up at a winding trail that brings you up to the illustrious horn-shaped rock. Voila, you have arrived at the picturesque spot! What’s in store for you will cause every ounce of weariness to ebb away, albeit a challenging hike up filled with steep slopes.

5. Snorkel at Maiton Island

Just a 15-minute speedboat ride off Phuket’s east coast, an island paradise beckons to be explored. Shimmering waters with a crystalline clarity gently caress the golden shores of Maiton Island. With variegated coral reefs and marine life underwater, you can admire the aquatic wonders through an enthralling snorkelling session. If you’re lucky enough, you can even spot dolphins splashing around their natural habitat.  

Alternatively, bask in the glorious landscape of the island which connects grains of white sands to a backdrop of verdant forests. Popular activities here include sunbathing, swimming, and trekking up a hill with unbeatable views of the ocean. There are even seaside restaurants dotting the underrated gem, so you can savour fresh seafood while taking in the breeze and briny aroma. A day trip to this island is enough for a lifetime of memories!

6. Have a day of thrills and spills at Blue Three Phuket

How does a day of invigorating activities whilst surrounded amidst stunning scenery sound? That’s exactly what you’re in for at Blue Three Phuket — an up-and-coming family entertainment venue. Gear up for non-stop fun with activities such as super fly, ice hockey, cliff jumping, zip lining, and a Ninja Style obstacle course. You can also shop till you drop at the Lifestyle Village and whet your appetite at the many restaurants there. 

With a gamut of things to do, you won’t want to miss out on cliff jumping. Scale the heights of the Pinnacle, right smack in the heart of Blue Tree Lagoon. After relishing the sweet taste of victory upon reaching the peak, feel a rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins as you take the leap of faith and plunge into refreshing waters with a depth of 4.5 metres. There are two designated jumping points — one at five metres high and the other at 10 metres. 

7. Get a buzz out of the lively atmosphere at Phuket Indy Market

Phuket Indy Market takes the cake when it comes to a quintessential Thai bazaar. An eclectic mix of vendors selling a range of wares and fares — check. Electrifying ambience — check. Friendly and hospitable locals — check. Pulsating live performances — check. Our favourite part: On top of all that, it is also a smoke-free zone. 

Tucked along Limelight Avenue Phuket, you can make your way to this hipster haunt easily. The best bet is to be there just before sunset to watch the place slowly come alive. Make a beeline for the food and beverage stores doling out an incredible variety of Thai street food and an intoxicating array of alcoholic beverages. Afterwards, scour for a sweet spot from the ample seating areas. Get comfortable and soak up the vibes as you tuck into your night market goodies. You’ll come to see that it makes for one of the best laid-back things to do in Phuket! 

8. Step into the shoes of a farmer at Vanich Farm

Ever wondered how food is grown? If your answer is a resounding yes, have all your questions answered at Vanich Farm! At this idyllic haven located in Phuket Town, you’ll acquire a holistic understanding of agriculture — from crop production to raising livestock. The best part: a series of hands-on activities for your very own farm-to-table experience.  

You can look forward to getting up close and personal with cute farm animals such as rabbits, cows, and buffalos. Besides that, observe firsthand how rice — a staple food for more than 3.5 billion people in the world — is produced. And that’s not the only crop harvested at Vanich Farm, either; you can also explore a cornfield, an herb and vegetable garden, and traditional Thai houses apart from getting a load of archaic machinery on display. All in all, you’ll build a deep appreciation for the farmers who keep their noses to the grindstone no matter how exacting farming can get. 

9. Pay Wat Doi Thepnimit a visit

Wat Doi Thepnimit

Image credit: Panya via Canva Pro

If you’ve already checked out the popular tourist attractions such as the Phuket Big Buddha and Wat Chalong on your previous trip, it’s high time you stop by Wat Doi Thepnimit. Perched on a hill that overlooks Patong Beach, this pristine white pagoda stands in all its glory, giving the impression that it’s reaching out to the skies. 

The religious edifice and its compound are adorned with intricate mythical creatures including the seven-headed Naga. Do pay attention to the elaborateness of every minute detail while acquainting yourself with the various precious relics. Moreover, you would want to spend a few minutes simply feasting your eyes upon the unsurpassable views of Phuket from a vantage point. It’ll fill you with a profound sense of tranquility as you stop in your tracks to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. 

10. Enter a complete state of relaxation at Banyan Tree Spa

We have saved this item for the last, but not the least on this list of things to do in Phuket, as no trip there is complete without a rejuvenating massage! After all, Thai massage is such an integral part of the culture. While it’s no secret that spas are ubiquitous in the island, one place you can experience the authenticity of the ancient healing practice is at Banyan Tree Spa

As soon as you arrive at the tropical garden spa, you’ll slip into a state of serenity as the soothing ambience permeates your senses. Trained therapists will lead you to your very own sanctuary, where they’ll put their nimble fingers to work. Bliss out with a variety of signature treatments such as the Royal Banyan and Tropical Rainmist. Rest assured, each massage is specially tailored to work out those knots in your body with an amalgamation of age-old techniques and time-tested concoctions. Plus, you’ll even get your money’s worth as all Banyan Tree Spa treatments include complimentary refreshments and relaxation time.

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There you have it: a list of unique things to do in Phuket that you shouldn’t miss. Would you be keen to visit this island paradise soon? Let us know in the comments section! Also, don’t forget to share this article with all your friends who’re yearning for a much-needed beach vacation.

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