Taiwan to Open Borders for Visa-Free Travel for Some Countries

Taiwan to Resume Visa-Free Travel for Select Countries

The latest step towards easing its border restrictions!

After Japan and South Korea, another crowd favourite East Asian destination is easing its entry requirements: Taiwan! Constantly hailed as the happiest country in the entire continent, there are undoubtedly many reasons to look forward to travelling here again. Starting 12 Sep 2022, Taiwan will open its borders to several countries under its visa exemption program.

Note: This article was originally published on 6 Sep 2022. It will be updated regularly for any new developments.

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Who will be allowed travel to Taiwan visa-free?

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According to the Central Epidemic Command Centre (CECC), Taiwan will resume visa-free entry for travellers from the following countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most countries in Europe, and other “diplomatic allies.” Click here for the full list. 

Update: Starting 29 Sep 2022, Taiwan will resume visa-free entry for travellers from these Asian countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, South Korea, and Japan.

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The decision to reopen Taiwan’s borders was based on the need to boost its economic and social activities. Apart from that, many countries have already reopened for tourism — some even fully easing all restrictions. Meanwhile, Taiwan has kept most of its entry and quarantine measures in place; although, in June 2022, it cut the number of quarantine days from seven to three. 

That said, CECC chief Victor Wang made it clear that the three-day quarantine and on-arrival test requirements will remain for the time being. The country will also be keeping its current cap on 50,000 arrivals per week.

Taiwan is planning to lift the daily cap of visitors to 60,000 per day and end on-arrival quarantine measures as early as 13 Oct 2022. Although, nothing has been confirmed yet. 

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Given its well-vaccinated population, the country has already ended its requirement for pre-departure PCR tests among eligible travellers. It has also been lauded for its swift and efficient pandemic response, especially in 2020. 

Now that Taiwan will open its borders for tourism slowly but surely, what are you most looking forward to? 

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