Summer in Korea: Fantastic Things to Do During this Special Season

Summer in Korea: Fantastic Things to Do During this Special Season

While many tourists flock to Korea during winter, relatively few people go there during summer. But wait – why not?!

SUMMER IN KOREA. Sounds good? Well, it should! Korea is one of the most sought-after destinations in Asia. While many tourists flock to the country during winter season, relatively few people go there during the dry, hot and humid summer season which starts around June through August. But wait – why not?!

If you’re thinking twice about visiting the Land of the Morning Calm during summer, here are ten interesting things to do in Korea that might convince you!

1. Rock Out at a Summer Music Festival

Image credit: Korean Culture and Information Service

Music festivals are a hit in Korea especially in summer. From rock to jazz to pop and EDM, I’m sure you’ll find a genre to suit your taste. Among the most popular music festivals are Ultra Music Festival Korea for EDM junkies, Rainbow Island in Nami for the hippies who love camping, Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival for the headbangers and Seoul Jazz Festival which is now on its 10th year.

2. Get Down and Dirty at the Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud FestivalImage credit: PROJirka Matousek

About two hours by bus from Seoul is Boryeong, a town most popular for its mud cosmetics. Every July, Boryeong holds its two-week summer mud festival at Daecheon Beach. It’s a very unique way to enjoy the summer heat in Korea as you’ll be able to participate in different activities such as mud sliding, mud skiing and the famous mud wrestling. Make sure you come prepared as you are sure to get muddy all over! Don’t worry, it is said to be healthy for your skin.

3. Get a Glorious Tan at the Beach

Image credit: cezzie901

Summer will never be complete without a visit to the beach! Korea boasts of its white sand beaches such as Cheongsando Island, Udo Beach, Gyeongpo Beach and Eurwangni Beach, among others. In many of its beaches, you may also choose to camp and enjoy the night sky with the sea breeze. A perfect summer getaway for the beach bums!

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4. Feel the Groove at R16, B-boy Fiesta

R16, B-boy FiestaImage credit: R16 Korea

The R16 Global Series, better know as R16, is an annual b-boy competition with its World Final held in Seoul. The week-long summer festival aims to celebrate urban youth culture and features hip hop concerts, popping and locking battles, street arts and many more! The event is mainly sponsored by the official tourism organization of Korea

5. Hike a Trail on Halla Mountain

Halla MountainImage credit: Republic of Korea

Hallasan or Halla Mountain, located at the center of Jeju Island, is the tallest mountain in South Korea which rises 1,950m above sea level according to their website. It was awarded as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 2007. Hallasan National Park features seven different trails that can cater to beginners and those who want a more extreme adventure. Just make sure to bring enough water with you to stay hydrated on your journey!

6. Take Lots of Pictures at the Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

Buyeo Seodong Lotus FestivalImage credit: Visit Korea

The unique lotus festival is held at Buyeo-gun Seodong Park every July. It is mainly a tribute to Seodong, later King Mu and the love of his life, Princess Seonhwa. You’ll see lotus flowers everywhere! The festival also features activities such as painting, sketching and concerts.

7. Gobble Up Lots of Cold Noodles

Image credit: cezzie901

Mul Naengmyun or cold noodles is made up of buckwheat noodles and is topped with ice-cold vinegary broth. Some like their noodles with meat and vegetables, others with only the latter. During the hot season, it’s definitely the perfect non-dessert summer dish in Korea!

8. Get Wrinkly at Caribbean Bay in Everland

Image credit: Everland Resort

Are you looking for a place to keep cool that’s not on a beach? You have to go to this combined indoor and outdoor pool in Everland Resort. Many of the visitors are families with children as it is also part of the theme park — definitely a must visit this summer!

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9. Find Your Inner Zen in Korea’s valleys

Image credit: Steve46814

Valleys in Korea are the perfect places to counteract the hot and humid summer season. Stay cool and refreshed in the valleys of Yongchu, Sogeumgang, Binggye and so much more! While you’re chilling on cool waters, you’ll also get to enjoy the surrounding greenery.

10. Buy Everything and Anything at the Seoul Summer Sale

Seoul Summer SaleImage credit: Visit Korea

Shop until you drop at the annual Seoul Summer Sale. It is held mainly in the Myeong-dong, Dongdaemun area. It features many local and international stores that offer items on discounts. There are also plenty of free gifts and even welcome kits containing free samples and coupons! Last year, 1,446 stores participated in the sale including Dongwha Duty Free Shop, The Face Shop, Etude House and even Seven Luck Casino.

What are you waiting for? Prep your sunscreens, pack your bags, hop on a plane and head to Korea now!

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