11 Dumbass Souvenirs You Need to Stop Buying

11 Dumbass Souvenirs You Need to Stop Buying

The next time you’re in a souvenir shop, stop yourself from buying that Eiffel tower display.

Let’s admit it. Sometimes we impulsively buy really embarrassing souvenirs while travelling. At the point of purchase, they may seem like the perfect gift for our loved ones, or a cute memento to be displayed on the shelves. But more often than not, they end up as the whitest of elephants when we get back.

Here’s a summary of some of the most tacky souvenirs to remind yourself NEVER to be that friend who comes back from a holiday with a suitcase of crap.

1. Key rings and fridge magnets

Image credit: frankieleon

Image credit: Nasir Khan Saikat

2. Comedy t-shirts

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3. Snow globes

Image credit: Peter Thoeny 

4. Anything with a “I Heart” logo

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5. Freebies from the plane or hotel

Image credit: Ashley Ringrose

6. Soft toys

Image credit: Bahudhara 

7. Decorations and displays

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8. Stationery from souvenir stalls

Image credit: Shenzhen JJ Car Accessories 

9. Friendship bracelets

Image credit: fujikanakama0 

10. Cups and utensils

Image credit: Marty Clear 

11. Novelty toys

Image credit: Gengiskanhg 

The next time you are tempted to pick up a souvenir while travelling, ask yourself these questions – Do you have any purposeful use for this item? Are you going to like this souvenir if someone gave it to you? Is it worth your luggage space? If it’s a no for any of them, put it back down or it’s going to end up like that Eiffel tower display you lugged home from your previous trip, taking up room on your counter doing nothing except collecting dust.

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